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A Journey in the Philippines

Two years ago, twenty-four severely abused teenagers were entrusted to the Institute by the Philippine Department of Social Welfare and Development. We flew them to Headquarters and took them on a Journey to the Heart during which their painful memories were transformed.

The lives of these young people were so powerfully impacted during this Journey that before their two years of training were finished, they wanted to conduct another Journey with other students from Southeast Asia. This was a refresher for them and a marvelous new experience for the ones who joined their Journey.

Pictured to the left is part of the leadership team that served the young people in the Philippines. Two of the young men in this picture are from a previous group of orphans who came to the IBLP Headquarters for training. They are growing in the Lord and were invaluable, serving with our staff and preparing all of the young people for ministry or work opportunities now that the training has been concluded. The young people will continue to meet on a regular basis for spiritual growth.

Stories from the Journey

Ezekiel: "This Journey has truly changed my life. Not just because of the people I met, or the games I enjoyed, or the songs that we sang, or the sermons we heard. All of that was really a blessing. But the most unforgettable experience in my life here at Journey was that I was filled with God’s voice. I sought Him and I found Him."  Read more » Nesty: "God asked me a question that convicted me and totally overwhelmed me. He asked this question; 'Nesty, are you going to pursue your bitterness, or follow me? If you are in a broken family do you not think I feel also what you feel?' At that time I pointed out all I had in my heart, doubts with fears, and I had an attitude where I wanted to do everything right, rather than working in the power of the Spirit of God. I was realizing that I was trying to walk in the light of my own intellect which I knew was limited and faulty. So I prayed out loud and asked for forgiveness. I told Him that, Right now Father I take my intellect off the throne of my heart, in it’s place Lord, I enthrone your infallible Word, and the teaching ministry of your Holy Spirit."  Read more »

After Two Years of Training—Graduation!

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