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A Letter from the Interim President

I consider it a great privilege to be asked to serve as interim president of the Institute in Basic Life Principles, a ministry that changed my life many years ago. My personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and the desire to advance His Gospel has grown because of my involvement with the people in this ministry for the past 27 years.

Having arrived in Chicago on March 12, the first few days were spent learning about the many situations facing IBLP and receiving information from staff, the Board of Directors, and other concerned individuals. Conversations and meetings to understand the various needs are my primary focus. We realize that many people have been anxiously waiting for more information.

Because of the necessary steps involving outside legal counsel, proper Board involvement, and the time delay in appointing new leadership, communications have been minimal. The staff is startled and concerned, as many of you, by the claims and information that has been disseminated over the Internet and by news outlets. For this reason, the Board is seeking to know and understand the facts and will be responding in due time.

Everyone involved is taking the situation very seriously. We are in no way minimizing or disregarding the communications from people expressing hurts, frustrations, or shock at what has been shared. Be assured that we are examining the different aspects of the ministry, especially as we hear and understand the perspectives involved.

As a staff we want to honor the Lord Jesus Christ, Who is “the way, the truth, and the life,” and His Word in all that we do.

Thank you very much for your prayers and patience.

Tim Levendusky
Interim President


paul huber

Tim is the first person I thought of and I am glad to hear this good news!
We are praying.

Josh Jessup

While you're investigating things, all of the material that iblp has published over the years needs to be check by outside sources as well

M Gilbert

God bless you - you are being prayed for....

Joseph O'Dorisio

My heart goes out to you Mr. Levendusky, you have an extremely difficult job to do but I believe you have been appointed for such a time as this. I am praying God would give you wisdom and courage, and that your family would feel the love of God from the body of Christ.

Joel Campbell

Tim, I remember with great pleasure the time I spent with you in Oak Brook and later in Oklahoma City. Although Veronica and I are greatly saddened by the conduct of Mr. Gothard, and concerned that many of his teachings are outside the pale of orthodox Christian doctrine, we couldn't be happier that you are taking the helm of IBLP at this critical time. We will be in prayer for you and Angie, as well as the many other dedicated staff, as you strive to lead it in a way and honors our Lord and advances his kingdom.

Sodnom for Mong...

We are thankful to God and glad to hear this good news! We are praying.

Tim Jaycox

I remember him speaking at Equip. Solid, committed individual committed to the Biblical principles taught by IBLP.

Rev. Jack Peters

Tim, Dottie and I wish you the very best in your latest endeavor. We appreciate the friendship we have with you, Angie, and Josiah. We will strive to support you in our prayers! We are confident that as you rely on our Lord Jesus Christ, He will guide, enable, and strengthen you! Keep Philippians 4:13 in the forefront of your thinking.

Robert Frederick

I encourage the leadership to take a course of action that helps families, staff, and others to process the feelings evoked by recent events together before the Lord.

Caoimhe Dunn

Thank you for this update, and as an alumni of IBLP and ATI I would just like to let you know that we are praying for you all. Please please, as you consider all of the information and perspectives out there, stay true to the principles taught in this ministry. God's word is never changing despite how the culture and perspectives might change. Thank you for your continued commitment and dedication to teaching God's word!

Art Shady

I too had my life changed many years ago, now as an alumni of the basic and advanced seminars I would like to teach these principles in churches around the country Lord willing. I am sure everything is under control and that God knows all about it and your future. You are in our prayers.

Bro. Art Shady

Judy Moyer

A previous post stated: " all of the material that iblp has published over the years needs to be check by outside sources". This is not necessary. The material does not have to be "checked out" by an outside source because the people receiving the material have already checked it out as they were being taught and made sure that all the info matched up with what the Bible teaches, which is the Source the iblp uses. We don't just follow blindly. I learned much through the seminars I've attended. Saved our family from destruction. Prayers for wisdom and guidance for iblp are going up.

Jong-Jin Park

I had met Tim several times at seminars in Korea. He will do his job well in God. I will pray for him and IBLP, and most of all for Mr, Gothard whose teachings have help me grow in God much.


HI Sir I Am a former trainee of IBLP PHILIPPINES i hope and i pray that you will continue the program here in philippines.may children had change because of this program.and may children also need this program

thak you


"Be assured that we are examining the different aspects of the ministry, especially as we hear and understand the perspectives involved."

Thia ia good. Are you going to review published material as well?

Andy Kim

Dr. Tim,

I am praying for the IBLP during this season. Praying for a fresh new wave of His presence to guide you all. Miss you!

C.B. Chia

Hi Bro Tim, it's been a great honor and privilege to have you over at the Malacca Family Conference 2014 in Malaysia. Am I glad to have met you and the opportunity to catch up with you. Thank God for His goodness over Bro Bill Gothard who has just celebrated his 80th birthday and we are praying for all for a change in hearts through His spirit as they work towards reconciliation and restoration of hurts so that God's love can flow in and through them. We shall persevere with you in prayers as you and team take on this challenging task of bridging for the two parties. May His strength and patience be with you all and ultimately His glorious name be glorified.

Warmest Regards,
CB Chia

Betty Logan

Our lives have been enriched much by Mr. Gothard's teaching. May God be able to use him in the future. We pray for all of you.

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