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Liberty for the Captives

Behind the razor wire and prison walls, Jesus is at work transforming lives

Isaiah 61:1: "...the Lord hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound".

Several eager groups of inmates in Florida recently completed the Basic Seminar! Chaplain Bob Holyfield and the IBLP Prison Seminar ministry are actively involved in over 150 prisons throughout the U.S. God is using the truths of His Word highlighted in the Basic Seminar to transform the lives of countless inmates!

One group of recent Basic Seminar graduates in Florida were young ladies in their teens and early 20s designated as "Youthful Offenders". Their prison terms range from one year to life-sentences, and this age group is considered by some as the most difficult category of inmates to reach. Two of the IBLP Headquarters staff, Becky Keilen and Laura DeMasie, had the blessing of working under the experienced Chaplain Holyfield with these Youthful Offenders.

After returning from the prison seminar, Becky wrote: “When asked to sum up the week with the youthful offenders, my answer was, 'God has not forgotten them.' Behind the razor wire and prison walls, Jesus is at work transforming the lives of those have been plundered by the enemy. One of the most amazing aspects of working in the Youthful Offender’s prison is the obvious fact that they are youth! I think of the verse, 'He which converteth the sinner from the error of his way shall save a soul from death, and shall hide a multitude of sins' (James 5:20). How much better for these ladies to take responsibility for their life choices and their relationship with God at age 20 versus age 30 or 40!"

Through the foundational Basic Seminar, these young ladies gained a vision for how to be released from the bondage of bitterness, how to trace present problems back to root issues, and how to be set free from the patterns of their own sin. God's Word has lasting answers, and we can see the evidence in the faces of the inmates: bleak turned hopeful, cynical turned tender, apathetic turned eager. God is revealing His love to their hearts!

Laura says, "Prison is a place of restriction, but I have seen that it is actually a field 'white unto harvest.' Lives are being changed, souls are being saved, and relationships are being restored! God is a Redeemer, and we were able to see that be true in real and profound ways!"

The inmates who graduated from the Basic Seminar are now eligible to participate in the Journey to the Heart program offered in the prisons next week! Please pray for these inmates as they discover the love of God in a way they may have never experienced before! We also ask for prayers for the volunteers from all over the U.S. who will help facilitate and lead the Journey program in three prison locations.

What a privilege we have of sharing the burden of God's heart for these prisoners of whom Jesus’ promise holds true, “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly” (John 10:10).


Dennis Hall

Mr. Gothard and IBLP:

As the season of Thanksgiving has quickly approached us my heart has once again turned to those who have been such an inspiration and mentors in my life and who sparked this ministry. The list is much longer than this, but these two men were the fathers of my faith. I’m sure since you have entrusted such a huge gift of finances to our church family and this most neededful work, you know about me. Five and the seven years I was in prison I worked for one of the best and Godliest chaplains in the Oklahoma prison systems.

For years he tried to find a faith program for the prison that really would teach God’s ways and make permanent change in lives. In 2003 he discovered the Institute of Basic Life Principles (IBLP) by Bill Gothard. Chaplain attended a seminar in Arkansas and it wasn’t long that a team of men from IBLP were at the prison helping us establish a 6 month program. I was blessed to be able to help chaplain run this program for 5 years. Every six months we graduated 60 men back out to general population. Over those years I watched an entire prison environment drastically change. (This was my seminary-God’s VO-Tech classroom)

The principles, (God’s principles), that I learned through this period have been foundational to my life, my relationship with my Father God and Jesus, my marriage, understanding authority and submission through God’s structure, this ministry, and every relationship I have in this life. The Recovery Church, and the chaplaincy program we have in Stephens county jail were established on the Commands of Christ and The Power for True Success, and other material from IBLP. In three years we have baptized over 300. The commands are not a means to obtain God’s salvation, but because we are His children we need to learn how to live like His children. I learned through Chaplain and many of the men from Bill’s seminars through the DVD ministry, that Jesus came not only to save us, but to show us the original picture of how humans should live. I’m eternally grateful to these two men (Bill Gothard and Chaplain Scott Haynes), and I owe a great love debit to them both.


Pastor and His servant dennis hall
The Recovery Church

Rose Calabrese

Wow! Thank you and we praise you Jesus! Thank you for the laborers in your harvest. God bless them and protect them and continue to give them favor in these precious lives in the prisons!

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