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Miracles Continue in Florida Prisons!

“I was in prison, and ye visited me.” These words spoken by Jesus address a mission field that is often overlooked but one that is ripe unto harvest. A group of more than seventy volunteers witnessed the power of God to save and redeem as they participated in the Journey to the Heart held in three prisons in central Florida.

Almost every day as the volunteers met to share reports, there were stories of inmates committing their lives to Jesus Christ, trusting in Him alone for salvation! Not only were the inmates impacted, but an officer also received salvation!

Many ladies in the women’s prisons were released from the bondage of bitterness, and commitments to purity were embraced by girls who finally saw an alternative to the pain-filled lives they had led. Men made decisions to rise up and become the fathers and husbands that God has called them to be. Through God’s Word, the testimony of His people, and the love and sincerity that were displayed, God made Himself known to many searching hearts.

"Prison Doors are Open!"

Eight of the young people and adults from the Journey shared an Embassy Live! webcast with highlights of what God did and how it not only brought a lasting freedom to "them that were bound" but transformed their own lives at the same time. The webcast was titled "Prison Doors are Open!" Watch it on Embassy Institute »

Behind the Scenes Testimonies

Even after the webcast was over, the team continued sharing furthers stories of changed lives. Watch these informal "Behind the Scenes" testimonies from the Journey:

Behind the Scenes: Prison Journey Testimonies from IBLP on Vimeo.


Mely R.

Praise God for these wonderful miracles!
Thanks for sharing!
May God continue blessing this work

Rev james k chemweno

To God be all the glory for what you are doing in the prison

Melody Williams

WOW!!!! What an absolutely wonderful program. I received a blessing today by attending a graduation ceremony for this program at a Florida prison. The best way to describe what I witnessed was AWESOME!!! The Holy Spirit has truly anointed this ministry.

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