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Motion to Disqualify Attorney David Gibbs III

On February 5, 2016, Bill Gothard filed a motion to disqualify David Gibbs III as the attorney for the plaintiffs. Supported by a lengthy affidavit and exhibits, the motion asserts that Attorney Gibbs acted as one of Mr. Gothard’s attorneys for several months in 2015 in efforts to be reinstated to IBLP and on matters related to allegations in this lawsuit. The motion claims that Gibbs is now ethically disqualified from representing the plaintiffs because of serious conflicts of interest.

Yesterday, February 17th, the Institute filed its own motion in support of the disqualification of David Gibbs asserting unethical behavior in violation of the Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct. The motion requests the court to disqualify Mr. Gibbs, but to give the plaintiffs time to obtain a different lawyer to pursue any claims they may have.

On the same day, Attorney Gibbs filed a second amended complaint, but the motions to disqualify will be considered and ruled on by the court before it is determined whether the case will proceed.

Scripture reminds us that the first person to state his cause seems right, but a matter must be searched out to determine the truth (Proverbs 18:17). This will take time, but that is the goal.


G Hand

This lawsuit and ramifications for BIll Gothard and the Institute are a travesty of justice. The wonderful work in strengthening the body of Christ and bringing a lost world to Christ is treated as secondary to a relatively few complaints based on a feminist world view and adolescent mentality of the complainants. Gothard and the Institute should stand tall for the truth and not let whatever misdemeanors that may or may not have occurred, be the basis for a big settlement to a greedy attorney and earthly minded complainants who have seemingly forgotten the amazing legacy of the organization and the man. Yes I would be willing to donate if there is a legal defense fund. I attended the Basic Youth Conflicts with the Evangelical Free Church 30 years ago, and what I learned then has been an invaluable contribution to my everyday life since. I cannot think of a single more important influence in my life other than Billy Graham and my local pastor. I am sickened and dismayed by the allegations. From what I have read thus far, this is at best a "tempest in a teapot", and not worthy of a court appearance. Hopefully a wise judge will see this for it's true nature and fine the attorney.

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