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Online Store Redesign

Thank you for all of your helpful comments and suggestions regarding our IBLP Online Store. In an effort to enhance your online shopping experience, our web team has just launched a completely redesigned store! This new design has taken into account many of your suggestions as well as improvements in technology that have taken place in recent years.

We are particularly excited about the following areas:

  1. Ease of use - With a more intelligent search engine and a clean product layout, the new store makes it simple to find what you’re looking for. It’s also easy to select the correct format for any messages that you purchase, whether you prefer a virtual download or a physical disc. Now you can quickly view the contents of your shopping cart on any page and then easily checkout through a simple and secure process.
  2. Compatibility with mobile devices - More and more of our customers are using tablets and smartphones to browse the web. The new site resizes beautifully to look and work great on any screen size.
  3. Secure customer account creation – Customers can create accounts to speed up the checkout process and keep a record of their order history. They can also use their account to come back in the future and re-download virtual products that they have purchased.

We would love to hear any feedback that you have! Thank you for your support of the IBLP ministry.

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