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From Orphans to Ambassadors

A delegation of twenty Filipino orphans and two chaparones with IBLP staff.

A delegation of twenty Filipino orphans and two chaperones with IBLP staff at Headquarters in Oak Brook, Illinois

When Anthony was 11 years old, he had to learn to survive on the streets of Manila. His search for food often led him to garbage cans, and at night he frequently sought shelter under a bridge or in an alley.

Then, in May 2004, officials from the Social Services of the Philippines chose him, along with 19 other teenage orphans, to come to America as an officially appointed delegation for two months of intense training with IBLP.

The mission set before them was to study and develop noble character in order to become productive citizens, role models to their peers, and future leaders in the Philippines.

In two months, this delegation traveled to 12 different IBLP Training Centers; attended two ATI Training Conferences; completed the Basic and Anger Resolution Seminars; and learned how to present character qualities to thousands of other Filipino orphans.

During the training, Anthony, now 17 years old, said in tears to one of the counselors, “I am not sure I am a Christian; would you tell me how to become one?” He put his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and was born again that day.

The group of orphans has now returned to the Philippines. The transformation in their lives gives evidence to the incredible power of God’s genuine love that they experienced.

As a local mayors’ association is working with the President and other officials to make the Philippines an example of a Character Nation to the rest of the world, IBLP looks forward to keeping in touch with these 20 ambassadors. We hope to see a successful, long-term ministry to thousands of orphans established in their nation.

See pictures and read testimonies from the orphans’ visit to the United States.

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