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Pictures and Testimonies from the Filipino Orphans

The group of Filipino orphans singing and sharing testimonies 				at the ATI Training Conference in Nashville, TN

The delegation of Filipino orphans had opportunities to sing and share testimonies before hundreds of families at the ATI Training Conferences in Big Sandy, Texas, and Nashville, Tennessee.

Studying character and Biblical principles Group sharing time

Much time was spent studying character and Biblical principles, both with mentors and independently.



“I liked visiting all of the Training Centers because we received training at each of them. At Eagle Mountain we went on a six-mile canoe trip. I enjoyed that!

“At the Nashville ATI Training Conference I was a part of the ALERT Cadets. I learned that we not only need to exercise our bodies, but we need to exercise our minds with Scripture memorization. As we memorized during the different activities, we learned to apply the Scripture in our lives.

“I enjoyed doing the character quality presentation at the Northwoods. Mr. Gothard taught us how to present stories, and I shared the story of the prodigal son. It helped me to develop my speaking skills. Before, I was scared to speak in front of people, but now I have confidence.

“I learned about spiritual gifts and now that I know what mine is, I can focus on serving that way. I also learned the meaning of my name, and that challenges me to live up to it.

“Every time Mr. Gothard spoke, I realized how far I was from God, but now I understand more about God and I also realize why God has let things happen in my life. I now know how to resolve bitterness, anger, and fear.

“At Headquarters, I liked all of the friends that I made there. They are humble, and even those in authority did not separate themselves from us. They were very open and befriended us.

“I would like to thank Mr. Gothard and all the staff for this opportunity. I appreciate them giving us the best of everything wherever we went. The buildings that we stayed in were beautiful, everything was well prepared, and we didn't have to think about anything.” —Eugene

Lunch preparation

Mary Jean helps with lunch preparation at Eagle Springs.

Sewing lesson

Denille gets a sewing lesson from Jessica.

Working in the greenhouse Helping with landscaping projects

Working in the greenhouse and assisting with landscaping projects



“My favorite part of the trip was spending time at the Northwoods. I liked canoeing, playing volleyball, basketball, swimming, and fishing. I also liked being able to spend time with Bill Gothard in sessions, when he played sports with us, and when he told us stories.

“I enjoyed the Indianapolis Training Center because they gave us the responsibility of setting tables and helping to cook. It was fun to go to church with the Gergenis.

“Mr. Gothard taught us a lot about public speaking and helped us know how to present our testimonies.

“I am thankful to God for giving me life and the opportunity to come to the United States. Because of that, I learned many things that I can share with other children when I go back to the Philippines.” —Angelica

Tubing at the Northwoods

Chona takes a ride in a kayak Swimming at Eagle Mountain

Outdoor activities at the Northwoods and other Training Centers were a highlight!

“During our time at the Northwoods, we went tubing. This was very special to me because I was afraid to do it, but was able to go on the last day.

“I learned about 49 character qualities. My life changed because of them. I learned that I must face my fears and conquer them. I also learned about giving to the poor. Jesus gave to me, and I need to open my heart to others and help them.

“It is especially important to tame my tongue and have self-control. If you control your tongue you are not going to get into trouble. The tongue is very powerful. It can help others, and that is pleasing to God.

“I also learned that God will always care for me and never forsake me.

“Thank you so much to Mr. Bill Gothard for caring for us, for giving us the Word of God, and for sharing with us.”—Nykkie

Helping in the kitchen

Helping in the kitchen at the International Home for Children

Jobert studying The Power for True Success

Jobert studying The Power for True Success.

Bill Gothard giving a tour at the Northwoods

Bill Gothard giving a tour and sharing with the group at the Northwoods.

“I liked the time spent at Eagle Mountain. It was my first time to go canoeing. In Dallas, we went to a good baseball game!



“I liked traveling on the road to all of the Training Centers; all of the Training Centers were very far apart. We learned many things at every place that we visited.

“What I learned is anger resolution because we all came from different orphanages and had bad and good experiences. It is good to lose all of the bad experiences by forgiving those who have hurt us. We can go back to the Philippines and teach character qualities without fear and can understand what we are teaching about by our own experiences.

“I also learned about the power of the tongue. Even though the tongue is a small part of the body, we can speak good or bad words. I learned why it is good to respect those in authority. God says that when we are respecting authority we are also respecting Him.

“It is important to meditate on the Word of God.

“I want to thank Mr. Gothard for sharing with us about his story and giving us books to learn about having a closer relationship with God. I am also thankful for his ministry to youth. Thank you to the IBLP staff for the welcome that they gave us when we came to Headquarters. I learned many things about life when I came to the United States.”—Raffy

Leonardo at ALERT Cadets

Leonardo had WAY too much fun at ALERT Cadets!

Sharing recently learned principles with others at 					the Children’s Institute

Sharing recently learned principles with others at the Children’s Institute

Parting hugs from “Mom and Dad” Gergeni

Parting hugs from “Mom and Dad” Gergeni

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