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Riverfront Character Inn

The Riverfront Character Inn and Conference Center, Flint, Michigan

For six years, we had been praying for a training center near Detroit. As the flow of requests for IBLP involvement in that region increased, the need for a local base of operations became more apparent.

In mid-May 2000, we learned of the availability of the former Hyatt Regency Hotel in Flint, Michigan. Through a marvelous series of answers to prayer and the miraculous provision of a designated gift, the Institute acquired the hotel on June 16, 2000.

This riverfront hotel is the fifth-largest hotel and convention center in the state of Michigan, and 60 percent of the state’s population lives within a two-hour drive.

Mayor Woodrow Stanley

During a luncheon in the second-floor restaurant, Mayor Woodrow Stanley welcomed the Institute to Flint, Michigan.

The hotel was built in 1981 at a cost of $37 million. Recently, the former owners invested an additional $2.5 million to redecorate and refurnish 215 of its 369 rooms. Facilities also include three restaurants, 33,000 square feet of meeting space, and a ballroom that can seat 2,000.

How the Hotel Will Be Used

The facility will serve not only as an ATI training center, but also as a fully operating hotel and international convention center—the Riverfront Character Inn. We have the exciting opportunity to pioneer a new concept in hospitality, one which can be multiplied throughout the world.

Furnished rooms

An example of the beautifully decorated and furnished rooms in the hotel. The hotel has the capacity to host over 200,000 guests each year. What an awesome outreach!

Guests of the Character Inn will receive information about the distinctive purposes of the hotel and the selection of resources and training options available to strengthen marriage, family, and business relationships.

Despite some initial skepticism about the concept of a hotel with no drinking, smoking, rock music, or X-rated movies, city leaders are now excited over the flow of groups coming from all directions to take advantage of a facility that features an array of services that strengthen character.

Grand Opening

The official Grand Opening of the Riverfront Character Inn was held on October 13, 2000. Staff members are now accepting event reservations and are providing hospitality for many groups within the community.

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