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Romania Trip 2011

Reaching Poor Children, Civil Leaders, and Officials

"This trip to Romania has been the most significant of IBLP's visits thus far!" exclaimed Paul Copu, Director of IBLP Romania.

Romania Group

A group of fifteen, including ATI students, IBLP Headquarters staff, Mr. George Mattix, and Dr. Bill Gothard ministered in Romania during the last week of October. The agenda included visits to large hospitals; meetings with medical doctors, police officials, government authorities, and educational leaders; and sharing testimonies and songs wherever we went.

The last three days in Romania seemed most significant, as we visited two Gypsy villages and an orphanage. We also hosted an Open House at our local property and lodge (future home of a large ministry center). Each day, the Lord seemed to bless more than the last, and the conclusion to our trip took place in a small Gypsy church, where we experienced revival and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Tears were streaming down the face of the Gypsy pastor as he spoke to us from his heart: "You have no idea what it means to me for you to be here tonight having fellowship with us and accepting us as we are. For generations upon generations, even until now, we are despised for our race and told that we will never be able to change. We are told, 'Once a Gypsy, always a Gypsy.'" This scene took place on the last night as we were sharing and giving testimonies to a transformed youth group.

Earlier that evening, as we walked into the small church, everyone had felt a darkness among the young men and women. They were sitting separately—girls on one side, boys on the other—according to tradition.

Dr. Gothard began the meeting by asking them to move their chairs closer to the middle so he could talk to them as one group. This initial change seemed to unite them as a team. What followed seemed to really impact each young person.

Dr. Gothard began discussing each principle that is presented in the Basic Seminar, and team members gave supporting, personal testimonies. The topics included accepting our "unchangeables," forgiveness, giving away money, clearing your conscience, resolving hurts, etc. Each of us shared a testimony on one of those topics, demonstrating to the young people that we are not perfect and have had to work through tough circumstances in life. This allowed them to see that God's principles really do work because they heard firsthand, personal accounts of their application in our lives.

At the end of the testimonies and joyful singing, Dr. Gothard explained that we are made in three parts: we are a spirit with a body and a soul, and we must be born again in our spirit so that we might have eternal life. He asked those who had believed in their heart and confessed with their mouth the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior to raise their hands. Many hands went up. Then he asked, "Who of you would like to be born again in your spirit?" A few raised their hands. Together we all prayed a prayer out loud, led by Dr. Gothard.

I prayed silently: "Lord, please just save five young people tonight. Please, God. Amen."

After Dr. Gothard prayed for and blessed all the young people, we all gathered in a circle, holding hands, and sang "Blest Be the Tie That Binds Our Hearts in Christian Love," and then the youth sang a similar Romanian hymn. At that time everyone realized that we were, and even now are, united as brothers and sisters in Christ, though we are of different nationalities, races, and languages. The presence of the Holy Spirit was truly there among us.

As we were saying good-bye to our new brothers and sisters in Christ, I heard someone say, "There were five young people who got saved tonight!" I smiled to myself, and my heart was filled with joy in that moment, and I prayed, "Thank you, God—you are so good."

Please continue to pray for the property IBLP owns and its development and expansion in the near future!

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