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Sacramento Family Conference

More than 580 individuals attended the 2015 Sacramento Family Conference held June 30 – July 3. Like the sunny California skies, many smiling folks came to encourage and be encouraged to “draw near to God.” Children were excited about the week’s programs and adults were challenged by the main messages. Some reports follow about the various young people’s programs:

One highlight of the Student Sessions was Friday morning. The young people participated in a panel about “The Kingdom of God.” It was an eye-opening time as they explored together what it means to “seek first the Kingdom of God,” which is being under His authority in every area of life. The students were challenged to re-evaluate whether they were advancing God’s Kingdom or their own.

The young ladies who attended COMMIT had a wonderful time with their team leaders and new friends. One particular message titled "Do You Fit In?" encouraged them to be set apart from the culture today; this world is not really “home”! For craft time each young lady decorated a picture frame. The picture frames were personalized with specific verses as reminders of the truth in God's Word.


For the ALERT Cadets, the temperature was 105 degrees during the leadership training on Tuesday. The high on Wednesday was forecasted to be 107 degrees! However, God provided cloud cover which kept the temperature around a more tolerable 98 degrees. Throughout the week in both large and small group events and activities, the cadets were both physically and spiritually challenged to “draw near to God.”  

As the Pre-Embassy girls heard about the difference between our needs and wants, they learned that God even cares about the small things in our lives. As God was working on their hearts, one girl told her team leader that she was ready to “become a child of God.” After talking with one of the leaders, she prayed to receive Christ as her Savior!

Over forty children attended the Children’s Institute and learned about the armor of God through Scripture, songs, stories, and skits. God answered leaders’ prayers as each day the children's attention and energy was better than the day before. Several parents expressed how it encouraged them to see their children eager to return to CI each morning and afternoon.

The Photography Workshop inspired those participating to love God and serve Him with the skills and talents He has entrusted to them. One young lady wrote that she “enjoyed this week – being stretched, challenged, encouraged, and inspired to pursue excellence in photography! Thanks for showing us how to see through the lens of God's perspective!”

Pastors enjoyed a special time to fellowship and gain encouragement specifically for them. For couples – courting, engaged, or married for less than five years – there were sessions to provide information and exhortation for success in their relationships. Everyone could attend the main sessions and many did. The 2015 Sacramento Family Conference concluded Friday evening with rejoicing for a good week and farewells until next year’s conference.

Did you miss out on the Sacramento Family Conference? Join us for the Twin Cities MN Family Conference July 21-24.

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