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The Smile of God

Verity Participants

Participants in the Verity Program, May 2005

In May 2005, a special group reaped the reward of two years’ hard work and independent study: bachelor’s degrees in their chosen fields from one of several accredited institutions. This group was unique for several reasons: all were homeschooled in the past; all earned a four-year degree in two years; all know that a degree, an education, or even a successful career is not life’s final goal. In an exhortation to her fellow graduates, Heather Stauffer said it well: “The smile of God is victory. Wherever you go when you walk out these doors, whatever you do, make God smile.”

More Than a Degree

Woody Shoemaker, director of the Verity program, was oft-quoted over the weekend. “While going through the Verity program, you can get more than a degree from the college of your choice; you get a lifestyle; a habit of seeking God first; a life-changing experience of fellowship, service, and education.”

Bible study at Verity

The Verity program is conducted at IBLP’s Riverfront Character Inn in Flint, Michigan. It is an accelerated learning program designed to help students earn a bachelor’s degree in two years from one of several distance-learning institutions while growing in their relationships with Christ.

Students earn their credits by taking CLEP, DANTES, and other standardized tests. Verity students have the option of living on-site and participating in classes and study groups or earning their degree from home via distance learning. Through interaction with staff and fellow students, Verity students have the opportunity to study each subject from a Biblical perspective. They may also take part in Bible studies, accountability groups, and morning chapel services.

Opportunities to Minister

Students are able to minister to those around them in everyday situations at the training center and in the community. There are a growing number of local outreach opportunities in which students are able to participate during their stay.

Making new friends in China

During the second year of the program, students have the opportunity to go on a missions trip. In the past, students in the Verity program have gone to Mexico and to Pinghu, China, where they taught English. The experience of ministering overseas often has a life-changing impact on a person, and several students who have successfully completed the Verity program have returned to Pinghu for further service and experience in teaching.

Get Involved

The Verity program is open to individuals from various homeschool backgrounds. To download an application or to obtain more information about the Verity program, visit, e-mail [email protected], or call 866-9VERITY (866-983-7489).

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