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A Testimony from Tapachula (Part 2)

Previously, an attendee at the recent seminar in Tapachula, Mexico, sent a long letter of testimony. She had attended a seminar twenty years earlier; in the intervening years she lost contact with IBLP and subsequent follow-up. Now, two decades later, she is a professional educator and Children’s Ministry administrator, and her Tapachula church was hosting the seminar in conjunction with its 80th year anniversary she decided to attend the upcoming Family Conference in Guadalajara in February 2016, to find out more about CI. Here is the rest of her testimony letter, used with her permission: “With a bad attitude I went to look for the person who would teach me about the Children's Institute, thinking, ‘I can’t wait to meet the one I will probably have to teach what to do with children!’ I expected to meet a mature . . . boring person, but when I [met] her . . . I will never forget her smile—and so young, so full of peace, so full of love and patience! . . . With no words she taught me how a true servant of God exemplifies His nature. From then on I could [only] humble myself for my bad attitudes and sin and ask for God’s mercy. Minute by minute God caused brokenness in my heart through these people. Who were they? Where did they come from? I want to be like them . . . ! “I did not stop crying for those three days; in fact, I cried more in those three days than I had in the last ten years. The lessons I learned (to name some) were: No one can resist love, not even abandoned children; no one can resist a smile and a peaceful spirit; do not underestimate or despise youth; investing time to train children is planting in the eternal; I will never impact the world if I don’t begin with my own family; I need to be with my children; I need to fellowship with young and willing youth, Godly couples, [and] leaders in the faith; [I] have a beautiful place to share food and shelter with [others].

“. . . So many things, so many plans, so many high places broken down – I bless God from my knees for what He had planned for me at this conference and [I knew] that this was only the beginning. . . .

“I have returned home a transformed woman, restoring the family altar, forgiving and loving my husband, re-establishing relations with my mother . . . and I know this is only the beginning. . . . There is only one me and God’s plan for me is unique and special and I will carry it out. Glory be to God, and many thanks to the Institute, the staff, and everyone who touched my heart.”

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