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Ukraine Ministry Update

After a tree is planted, it takes time before fruit is produced. Similarly, fruit is finally being seen from the seeds planted among Ukrainian youth leaders seventeen years ago. Several have become pastors of large churches. Those young people who were discipled are now sowing seeds among a new generation. The following three reports show God’s faithfulness in reaching people in Ukraine. The testimonies are from cities in western Ukraine: Radivilov, Rivne, and Kostopil.


Andre pastors the Radivilov church. He took the leadership training course seventeen years ago when he was 19 and a new Christian. Andre shared how the seminar had been a foundational tool in his life, providing guidance in his Christian walk and direction in his life. Subsequently, Andre took Financial Freedom and Foundations for Marriage courses, putting into practice the principles from the courses. Now the head pastor of a 400-member congregation, Andre invited us to present a Leadership Training Seminar in February for forty participants coming from all over the state. He desires to provide for a new generation the discipleship training he received, which taught him how to apply God’s truths in his life.


Two pastors of a large congregation in Rivne sent an eight-member church-planting team to the seminars. The pastors wanted the team to be grounded in basic Biblical principles before starting a new work in another region. Both pastors were youth leaders in 2001. The two men regard the seminar material they received as the best available resource for practically applying the Scriptures. Now they are equipping others with the same training.


In late winter, the church in Kostopil drew people from around Ukraine who were seeking to understand the foundations of marriage. Seventy participants attended an event organized by Pastor Pavel, a former youth leader who attended his first seminar in 2004. His vision now is to provide Biblical instruction for his congregation and for many folks in Ukraine who want to know God’s intent for marriage and the reasons for marital distress. One fiery street evangelist who travels all over Europe attended the Foundations for Marriage sessions. He testified: “I have discovered problems in every area of my life. Please help me know where to begin.”

Fruit is being seen today from ministry begun long ago in these youth leaders’ lives. Please continue to pray for God’s work in the lives of the Ukrainian people and that the fruit will be multiplied according to Matthew 13:23.

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