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Victory in Peru!

The Exciting Potential of a Model Nation: Part II

As a result of the foundation laid during our first trip to Peru in the summer of 2010, a second team returned and saw God open more amazing doors of opportunity!

An army of three hundred soldiers rallied together in preparation to ambush an enemy encampment of insurmountable size. The ratio was over ten to one, and the only weapons to be used against the enemy were jars and trumpets. To make matters worse, the raid was to take place at night with light from hand-held torches. Surely this plan must have seemed overwhelmingly absurd! What were the chances of victory? Zero!

If this army had chosen to proceed by relying solely on their human strength, the outcome would have been certain doom. However, Gideon's plan of attack was orchestrated by God's Spirit and therefore it resulted in a miraculous victory!

The week-long visit to Peru seemed to parallel the story of Gideon's army. How could our team of 50 battle against the powers of darkness and make a difference in such a large country? With God's Spirit, and your prayers and support, we saw Peru begin a journey to freedom that is already bringing great glory to God!

Learning Teams

The week in Peru started with a visit to an exclusive school in Lima. This particular school is composed of only top students from around the nation! The IBLP team was given half of the day to teach character qualities and personally interact with students. Simultaneously, the ALERT team trained the young men in character development and emergency response skills. The students responded with attentiveness and open hearts and several accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior!

A classroom re-structure plan was proposed to school authorities which involves transforming the classroom into age-integrated learning teams of ten students so that the older ones could mentor the younger students. This strategy would remove the peer pressure that is causing teen delinquency problems in Peru.

ALERT Program

In 2007, a large-scale earthquake devastated Pisco and the surrounding cities, killing hundreds and leaving many of the injured in unforeseen poverty. Earthquakes of this size are expected to strike again in the near future. If ALERT could train thousands of young people in emergency response, Peru would be prepared and equipped to save thousands of lives in the event of another earthquake.

Ministry of Health

It was an honor to have Dr. Roger Bilica as a part of our team. He was the medical programs director at NASA for ten years. At a major medical conference, Dr. Bilica and Dr. Gothard had the privilege of sharing ground-breaking insights on seven deadly stresses that play a major role in the formation of a variety of diseases. About 250 top doctors and medical officials listened with excitement as they saw the potential of implementing stress resolution materials into the patient admission process. As resources are developed for stress resolution, they will be used in hospitals around the nation to promote true health care—not sick care.

Gang Leaders

Realizing the incredible amount of influence that gangs have on a city and even a nation, Dr. Gothard wanted to meet with several street gang leaders. A group of gang leaders gathered to talk with Dr. Gothard and their response was so enthusiastic. Ten of them prayed to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and dedicated their bodies to God! They look forward to being trained to become character coaches so that they can help hurting and troubled young people. God truly performed a miracle as rival gang leaders were united and now share the love of Christ.

The power of God demonstrated on the trip was a result of a very important factor: your prayers! We know that effecutal, fervent prayer is powerful. A mighty prayer army was praying before and during the Peru trip. This mighty prayer army included families, and individual prayer warriors from all over the world who were committed to praying for each Peru team member. This project of helping Peru experience the blessing that come from following God's wisdom is ongoing. Please continue to pray for Peru!

Part I: The Exciting Potential of a Model Nation—September 2010

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