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How It Works

Daily Success is a program designed to help men and women develop and maintain the spiritual discipline of Scripture meditation. This is accomplished by the following:

  1. Receiving Daily Encouragement and Instruction
    A series of daily e-mails will be sent to you for 49 weeks that provide instruction and encouragement to meditate on the verses containing general commands of Christ.

  2. Meditating on One Command of Christ Each Week
    Start by memorizing the command to facilitate your day and night meditation. As you meditate, ask God to reveal to you its meaning and application.

  3. Applying and Sharing What You Are Learning
    Look for opportunities to apply the command throughout the day and also to share it with your family and others. By reporting what God is doing in our lives through meditation, we also deepen our own grasp of the verse and often see new applications.

  4. Recording Your Insights and Experiences
    Keep a journal of your struggles, victories, and the blessings that you and your family are experiencing. This record of your walk with the Lord will not only help you become more aware of what God is teaching you, but also be a heritage for future generations.

  5. Being Accountable to Others for Consistency and Encouragement Because of the challenges that come in developing any discipline in our lives, we recommend that every participant be accountable to others for mutual support and encouragement.