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Is Eastern meditation similar to Biblical meditation?

Differences Between Eastern and Biblical Meditation
emptying the mind vs. filling the soul with truth

Today there are many forms of meditation, particularly those associated with Eastern religions, which are not in line with what the Bible describes as meditation. Although the mystical forms of meditation sound harmless and perhaps even spiritual, they are the antithesis of Scripture meditation.

The most crucial difference between the type of meditation promoted by Eastern religions and meditation on the Bible is that Eastern meditation is practiced in order to empty the mind, and Biblical meditation is practiced with the goal of filling the believer’s spirit and soul with the Word of God.

Eastern meditation:

  • Is chanting a single word over and over, to empty the mind of conscious thought.
  • Implies that you are one with God and therefore can control your destiny.
  • Is promoted as a means to get what you want simply by visualizing what you desire.
  • Ultimately seeks the resources that lie within a person.

Meditation on Scripture:

  • Is a continual focus on God’s unchangeable truths.
  • Recognizes that God alone possesses ultimate power.
  • Acknowledges and rejoices in God’s sovereignty, love, and mercy.
  • Gives you access to God’s wisdom and guides you to reject the wickedness that lies within you naturally.

Avoid the deception and destruction that Eastern meditation brings. Instead, be blessed by the rich rewards that accompany Scripture meditation. As you meditate on the Word of God and obey it, God will cause you to prosper in all your ways. (See Joshua 1:8.)

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