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Is it worth it to stand alone in the business world?

How a Businessman Chose to “Stand Alone”
a man sacrificed financial gain because of his conviction

William*, a Christian man who owned a motel, had established his business on certain convictions. Among them was his conviction not to sell or serve alcohol on his property.

One day William received a request to host a large convention. The people who would be attending the convention were from out of state. However, they were familiar with William’s commitment not to serve alcohol at his motel. They asked that they be allowed to bring their own liquor to the convention.

William said that he would gladly host the convention, but that no liquor could be brought to his motel. Soon William received a phone call from the vice president of the corporation that had made the request. He reminded William that his corporation had given William a lot of business, and now he expected William to cooperate with them by allowing liquor at the motel during their convention. If William failed to grant their demand, they would take all of their business to another motel.

Without their business, William’s motel could not continue to operate profitably. He was faced with the choice to violate his conviction or risk losing his entire business. He chose to “stand alone” for righteousness’ sake and forfeited the corporation’s business, telling them he could not grant their demand.

A few weeks later, two men came to see William. They asked him if would be willing to sell his motel. William explained that he was actually making plans to sell his motel (as a direct result of his previous decision to not accommodate the corporation’s demands). The two men asked William to give them a price, and he set a high price for the property. They immediately accepted that price, and William sold them the motel.

Several months later, these two men visited William. “You’re a very fortunate person,” they told him. “When we bought your motel, there was something that neither of us knew at the time. We just learned that the main highway in front of the motel is going to be rerouted. When that change occurs, the value of the motel will be greatly decreased.”

The corporation that challenged the motel owner to lower his convictions ultimately had benefited William by motivating him to sell his motel before the rerouting of the highway dramatically decreased its value. God honors those who honor Him (see I Samuel 2:30), and He worked “all things together for good” (Romans 8:28) in William’s life.

As we put our trust in God to provide for all of our needs (see Matthew 6:33), He will prove His faithfulness and His goodness. Take courage, and stand alone when necessary. As you do, God will be glorified. “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths” (Proverbs 3:5–6).

* The property owner’s name has been changed.

This testimony is adapted from the booklet titled How to Stand Alone.

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