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Should little children be taught how to stand alone?

How a Young Girl Chose to “Stand Alone”
a nine-year-old wisely rejected exposure to the occult

Ashley* was invited to a friend’s home for a slumber party, along with eighteen other nine-year-old girls. She joyfully accepted the invitation and then went to the party. However, as the party began, the friend’s mother announced that she was going to lead the group of girls in a séance. Everyone was excited about it—except Ashley. As a Christian, she was aware that a séance was an evil activity.

Before Ashley had been taken to the slumber party, her father had carefully and thoroughly explained to her how and when to “stand alone.” He had explained that one of the times that Christians must stand alone occurs when they are asked to participate in any activity that involves the occult.

Therefore, when the plan to conduct a séance was announced, Ashley quickly said, “I’ve given my life to Jesus and I am not able to do this.” When her friend’s mother heard Ashley say this, she decided not to go forward with the séance. Two days later, that mother, her husband, and their five children attended Ashley’s church to find out how Ashley had learned to be courageous to stand alone for Christ’s sake.

We should be alert to wickedness, and we should teach our children to be alert to wickedness and flee from it. (See I Peter 5:8–9.) We always should be willing to stand alone for Christ’s sake, just as Ashley was willing to stand alone. Let us courageously uphold righteousness, with confidence in our heavenly Father, Who guides us in paths of righteousness. (See Psalm 23:3.) “My mouth shall show forth thy righteousness and thy salvation all the day … . I will go in the strength of the Lord God: I will make mention of thy righteousness, even of thine only” (Psalm 71:15–16).

* The girl’s name has been changed.

This testimony is adapted from the booklet titled How to Stand Alone.

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