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What online resources can aid me in Scripture meditation?

Studying Scripture With Online Resources

Many Web sites offer valuable information to assist you with a study of Scripture. Below are descriptions of several Web sites that we have found to be helpful and reliable.

This site features more than twenty different searchable Bible versions, including the King James Version and New American Standard Version (with accompanying Strong’s Concordance numbers). You can look up a word designated by a Strong’s number in either the Hebrew or Greek lexicon to find its definitions. You can also see at a glance which other verses make use of the same word and hear proper pronunciations of the Hebrew or Greek words. This site offers numerous helpful tools, including commentaries and concordances.

More than forty Bible versions are found here, including versions in more than twenty foreign languages. You can search by passage, key word, or topic. It, too, offers several Bible dictionaries and commentaries.

Instantly, you can see any passage of Scripture in the King James Version. Each word or group of words is linked to its Strong’s number and definition, accessible with a mouse click.

On this web site, you can review multiple definitions of a word from a variety of online dictionaries, such as Webster’s 1828 dictionary, the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, and many others.

Merriam-Webster’s official web site has online versions of the collegiate dictionary and thesaurus.

This site features a variety of tools, including definitions, thesauri, and writing resources.

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