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What is a Scripture Meditation Worksheet?

How to Use a Scripture Meditation Worksheet
document your studies and insights into God’s Word

The Scripture Meditation Worksheet is a tool you can use in your study of God’s Word. It provides a place to document your questions, word studies, cross-references, insights, and applications of a passage.

Download a copy of the Scripture Meditation Worksheet in the attachment link below, and follow these directions:

  1. Select a passage of Scripture to engraft into your life.
  2. Write out the passage in column 1 of the worksheet. Memorize the passage.
  3. In column 2, write out as many questions as you can think of for your passage. As your study progresses, write additional questions that arise.
  4. In column 3, write out the definitions from your word studies.
  5. Look up your passage in a Bible that has cross-references in the margin (or use an online resource), and read each of the references listed. In column 4 of the worksheet, write out any verse that adds new meaning or insights.
  6. Meditate on the passage, emphasizing each word of each verse, one word at a time. Write down insights that the Holy Spirit gives you. Prayerfully quote the verses back to the Lord. Then write out a paraphrase of the passage, in the first person, in column 5 of the worksheet.
  7. Create illustrations for your passage. Draw them in column 6 of the worksheet.
  8. In column 7, write out application ideas based on what you have learned from your study of and meditation on the passage. Identify one application idea that you plan to implement in your life immediately.
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