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What should I do if my authorities ask me to do wrong?

If an authority asks you to do something that is wrong, explain your concerns and make an appeal. Hopefully the one in leadership will wisely respond to your cautions, adjust his direction, and be able to move ahead with your restored support.

Authorities who continue to do wrong are stepping beyond the boundaries God has set for them, and God will hold them accountable for their actions. You should not follow them in doing something that is against God’s Word, because you will be violating God’s Law.

Be willing to suffer the consequences of refusing to do something that is wrong, whether it is losing your reputation, a job, a friendship, etc. Remain under God’s authority and obey His commands; you can trust God to provide for your needs and to work all things together for good.

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This material is adapted from the Basic Seminar Textbook, pages 37–40.

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