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This knowledge base of questions has been taken from past and present IBLP publications, as well as powerful testimonies from IBLP alumni. It provides Biblical answers to real life questions.

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Reaching the Heart of Your Children

tips for building friendship and trust through listening

I love my children deeply, but there are times when I feel an emotional or spiritual distance from them, like they are drifting a little out of reach. Sometimes one or both of us are distracted or busy.

When Asking for Forgiveness

tips to keep in mind

Confess only to those who were directly, or actually, offended.

Help Others Discover the Benefits of Suffering

viewing hurts from a Biblical perspective

When expectations are unmet or a tragedy occurs, most of us react with frustration and anger. We want to blame someone or something for causing our pain.

Key Scriptures for Memorization and Meditation

engrafting basic themes of Scripture into your life

Memorizing and meditating on the Bible will change your life.

Motivating a Teen to Have Personal Devotions

establish the discipline of a daily quiet time with God

Taking time each day to read the Bible, pray, and seek God is an important part of the Christian’s life. The Word of God and the Holy Spirit do a deep and lasting work in our hearts in this time, and the insights and encouragement we gain impact our words and actions throughout the day.

There Is Enough Time in a Day

learning to rejoice in God’s sufficient provision of time

After living in different cultural situations and working under a wide spectrum of authority structures, I have come to appreciate what God says in Scripture about time management.

The Key to Homeschool Survival

running the race with patience

When we first heard about ATI, we were thrilled! Then we saw the brochure.  That well-groomed, happy faced family sitting around a table. The children busily doing schoolwork together. Mom and Dad looking composed and in control.

Use Irritations to Identify Your Motivational Gift

irritations, questions, and resolutions

What actions and attitudes really irritate you? The answer to that question can help you identify your motivational spiritual gift: mercy, organizer, giver, exhorter, teacher, server, or prophet.

First, be sure that God has led you to move away from your parents. When God designed the family structure, He purposed that each one in the family meet basic needs for others—especially social needs.

Keys to Encouraging Your Children

invest in your relationships

We have found several ways to encourage our children.