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This knowledge base of questions has been taken from past and present IBLP publications, as well as powerful testimonies from IBLP alumni. It provides Biblical answers to real life questions.

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A Biblical Lifestyle Reflects All the Spiritual Gifts

honoring God and others with our words and actions

The ultimate expression of every spiritual gift is personified in Jesus Christ.

Responding to Ridicule

what to do if you are mocked for unchangeable features

We’ve all felt the sting of ridicule. Observant children do not hesitate to bring embarrassing features into the spotlight. Bullies use words as weapons of intimidation. Spiteful teasing from friends and family members cuts away at our confidence.

Share Spoken Blessings With Children

how to intercede for children with words of blessing

All of us have opportunities to bless children. If you are a parent, God has given you the responsibility to teach your children the ways of God. (See Deuteronomy 6:6–7.) Giving a spoken blessing can be a tool in this training.

Becoming an “Energy-Giver”

sharing God’s endless love with others

An energy-giver is someone who loves God with all of his heart and therefore turns to love his neighbor as he loves himself.

Why We Fail to Overcome Destructive Habits

five keys to conquering sinful patterns

Most of us have habits that seem to have a relentless grip on our souls.

How Self-Acceptance Relates to Salvation

discovering the truth about God and our need for Him

Without accepting yourself within the scope of God’s design, you will not see the need for God’s gift of salvation.

Leading Your Children to Self-Acceptance

building trust in your Designer

Practicing self-acceptance is a key to teaching children to accept themselves. When your children see that you accept God’s design, they will be more likely to trust God too. Demonstrate Love and Acceptance

Discerning the Benefits of Problems

finding God’s grace in hard places

We all want quick solutions to our problems. We want to be free of the pressure caused by problems and conflicts, but God wants to use that pressure to lead us to spiritual maturity.

Motivating a Teen to Choose Wise Friends

demonstrate true friendship and offer counsel

Friendships are some of the most powerful influences in life, because friends greatly impact a person’s development and decisions. Scripture instructs us with these words: “He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed” (Proverbs 13:20).

Apply God’s Word to Your Life

the most challenging and critical step of meditation

As you meditate on a passage of Scripture, ideas about how you can apply its truth will come to your mind. Write them down!