Rise Up Discipleship

August 30, 2016

Rise Up is an opportunity to grow with a team of other believers who are seeking to know God in a real and personal way, tackle the real-life relationship questions we all face, and gain a vision for how to live with a Kingdom mindset and an eternal perspective. With online training videos, written material and assignments, online group meetings, and accountability for spiritual disciplines, Rise Up will challenge you to encounter God for yourself and see how His personal relationship with you affects every area of your life.

Rise Up is a 12-week online discipleship course for young adults. Training is comprised of online videos as well as corresponding material. Similar to an online college class, Rise Up is structured so that it can all be done via the Internet and phone: Training videos will be viewable on the website, unit chapters and assignments can be viewed and printed from the website, and team meetings will be done through online video conferencing via Google Hangouts.

Mission Statement

We believe that true “Life” is experienced only when a person is walking in relationship with Jesus Christ. Our mission is to see young people encounter God through His Word and discover a personal relationship with Him in a deeper way than ever before. And then, out of that relationship, we join God in His desire that each young person impact the world around him or her for the Kingdom of God. As it says in Daniel 11:32, “…the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.”

A Few Testimonies:

“Thank you for addressing hard questions unreservedly and for challenging me to come apart and seek God’s face during my day-to-day life. I sincerely wish that every Christian I know could take this course because it presents vital truths in a way that’s easy to understand and apply. Undoubtedly, the power of the program lies in the fact that you have kept Jesus Christ at its center. Thank you for investing in eternity, and for investing in my life as well!”

“God used Rise Up to reveal areas where my thoughts did not line up with His Word. I have grown in meditating on Scripture throughout my day, and in recognizing the lies of Satan.”

“Doing Rise Up helped me to walk close to God and be helped by Him through times when I felt depressed. It helped me recognize the things I turn to instead of Him, and gave me a lot of hope that He could change that area of my life and I would not always be bound by sadness and despair.”

“Wow! God changed pretty much every area of my life in RU! My responses have (almost) completely changed as I’ve allowed Christ to live in me!”

“I really loved connecting on a weekly basis with other Christians on a deep level about topics that matter. It’s also given me a deeper relationship with God and more of a desire for Him.”

“The greatest highlight for me… was the fact that many of the week’s lessons were helping me to get through a trial in my personal life. It was such perfect timing. The Lord was totally in all of it and I couldn’t have been more blessed.”

For more information about Rise Up Discipleship or to sign-up for the next course please visit www.riseupdiscipleship.com

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