Seminar Ministries Impacting Korean Lives

March 10, 2015

In Busan, South Korea’s second-largest city, there were many moving testimonies as a result of a recent January seminar. One particular testimony involved a husband and wife and their collegiate daughter. The mother was bitter toward her husband and was constantly complaining to her daughter about him. Meanwhile the daughter was struggling with her own lack of self-acceptance. Due to her class schedule, the daughter was only able to attend one session of the seminar. It “just happened” to be the one that taught God’s principle of design. After attending that session, the young lady shared that she had a new understanding of who she was in God’s eyes. This realization enabled her to also forgive her father. After counseling with the IBLP staff, the mother realized her own wrongs and repented, and then she was also able to forgive her husband. However, the testimony continued! The father had been trying to sell a store for a very long time with no success. The day after his wife forgave him, the store sold! Praise the Lord for His work in the hearts of this family.

Two more seminars were held in Gwangju, a city on the southwestern tip of South Korea. One was an all-day seminar on Monday-Thursday for about 90 high school students from a local church; the other was a regularly-scheduled seminar for the other church members. More than half of the participants were first-time attendees!

Another area of impact is through the recently finished Financial Freedom Seminar with Korean subtitles. At the beginning of February, for the second time since the translation (November 2014), this practical seminar on finances was shown at a retreat center. The retreat center owner was so moved that he asked staff member Mr. Moon to introduce the seminar to his church’s leadership.With this increasing number of seminars, the Korean churches have begun requesting the Follow-Up Course, which leads alumni into a more in-depth study of the seminar principles. The goal is for the IBLP staff to assist the churches in starting the course sessions, with the local pastors assuming leadership for the subsequent lessons.  

God is continuing His work in Korea! We are thankful for the people faithfully serving there. Many doors of opportunity and ministry have been availed through the local churches. Pastors are using the Biblical Character Illustrated Calendars and the monthly character quality lessons, translated from The Power for True Success, to teach their congregations. During the last week of February, seminars were held in churches in four different cities simultaneously. It is exciting and encouraging to see the Holy Spirit moving in this nation. Please pray for the South Korean believers as they grow and minister in the fields that are white unto harvest! (See John 4:35.)

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