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Seminar Topics

Detect a Spirit of Anger

Many people seem to have anger under control. They do not shout, kick, or throw things, yet those around them live in tension because these people have a spirit of anger from unresolved hurts and offenses. Learn how to detect and remove it.

Learn Eight Attitudes That Conquer Anger

The seriousness of unresolved anger is indicated by the fact that this was the primary topic of Christ’s first teaching to His disciples. The Sermon on the Mount describes eight attitudes that are prerequisites to resolving anger.

Trace Anger to Its Sources

The immediate emotion of anger is not the problem, nor is the one who caused it. This anger is an “alarm” that someone has triggered a “tension button” of guilt or pain from unresolved hurts in the past. Clear examples will help you learn how to trace anger to its sources.

Learn Why God Lets Bad Things Happen

When tragedy strikes, we often question, “How could any good come from this?” If we do not learn how to find benefits from every possible situation, our questioning will turn into roots of bitterness.

Turn Anger Into Genuine Love

This session unlocks the prison of anger and wrath by showing how to successfully apply four practical responses to every trial and tribulation. The reward of doing this is receiving the power of love, joy, peace, and many other Godly qualities.

Discover the Power of Crying Out

Phenomenal results are being experienced by those who learn the secrets of crying out when faced with impossible situations. Read remarkable results of those who have discovered the power of crying out.

  • When the police gave no hope, a man recovered his stolen truck.
  • When a young man cried out, he began to find victory over strong lust.
  • A pastor experienced the self-control to lose 100 pounds and to keep it off.

Regain Surrendered “Ground”

God warns that if we go to bed angry, we surrender areas of jurisdiction in our souls and experience the strongholds of false ideas. When acted on, ideas produce destructive emotions of fear, anxiety, depression, etc. Learn the steps to regain this ground and replace strongholds with truth.

Deal With Inherited Anger

A stronger-than-normal tendency to become angry can be passed down to us from our forefathers in the same way that we inherit physical features and medical weaknesses. Unexpected freedom is experienced by those who properly acknowledge the iniquities of their forefathers.

Learn How to Give Verbal Blessings

Death and life are in the power of the tongue. We can inflict devastating damage or transmit life-giving energy to others through the words we use. Learn God’s method for neutralizing the deadly poison of a curse by blessing the one who gave it. Recognize the potential you have to motivate and encourage others by asking the Lord to bless them.