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Benefits of the Basic Seminar

Testimonies of Lasting Results

How a CEO Found Lasting Answers for His Family and Business

“Our oldest child was 13 when we attended our first Basic Youth Conflicts Seminar. Today all four of our children are happily married and have given us 21 grandchildren. We attribute the good results of our marriage, family, and business to the teachings of the Basic Seminar, especially in the areas of child training, forgiveness, self-acceptance, and yielding rights. I have also found principles in the Seminar extremely valuable in resolving many business problems.

“After 30 years of life-changing results, I would highly recommend this Seminar to anyone who wants lasting answers.”—Wes Cantrell

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How a Sincere Invitation to a Basic Seminar Led to the Salvation of More Than 20 People

“My husband and I lived together outside of marriage for eight years. In 1984, we had a daughter together and were destined to destroy ourselves and everyone in our family. My husband had two teenage daughters from a previous marriage, and I had a son from a previous marriage, who was 15 when our daughter was born. We both had a lifestyle driven by our self-will, alcohol, and money. We both drank heavily and worked hard for money. We did not realize just how empty our lives were until we attended the Seminar.

“We were married in 1990. After a year of marriage, we reached the bottom of an abusive lifestyle that held no hope for our marriage, future, or children. My husband realized he was not in control of anything, that he was a broken man and needed help. We lost our business, our children were rebellious, and I wanted a divorce.

“These were our circumstances a few weeks before the Basic Seminar in 1991. My husband had a friend who invited him to attend the Seminar. At this point we were barely speaking to each other, so I refused the invitation. Attending a weeklong Bible study with my husband was the last thing I needed. (Or so I thought!)

“As the time for the Seminar approached, I became very curious as to what my husband was really up to, and I figured I would go and see what was attracting him. Well, powerful is the only way I can describe the Seminar! It broke down barriers and shed new light and hope in our lives. We knew that we could not go back to our old lifestyle and that we had a lot of work ahead of us. Our first commitment was to place God first. We then purposed to rebuild our marriage.

“Our lives were changed, but we still had to deal with the ongoing consequences of our old life. This was a process only God could handle. The government wanted $200,000, which seemed like the national debt to us, and my husband’s child support was $2,500 a month. We sold what we could to keep up with the payments so my husband would not go to jail. The government had liens on everything we owned. For two years, I went to our CPA’s office daily in an effort to untangle impossible paperwork for the IRS. In October of 1999, God provided a way for us to pay this huge debt.

“I can only say that God is all-powerful! After that Seminar, two very different people walked out of that auditorium with a new direction in life. The night we heard about cleansing the home, we started by pouring out a large amount of alcohol, and being heavy drinkers we purposed not to drink again. The following week, after 27 years of smoking, God took the habit from me. I knew in my heart it was my last chance to obey Him.

“We then re-attended the Basic Seminar in nearby cities, taking family members with us. More than 20 family members were saved that year. A year later, we attended an Advanced Seminar and joined ATI. Two years ago, my husband shared Jesus with a brother-in-law, and today that man is in heaven.

“The change in both of our lives was dramatic and very obvious. Only God could have told that young man to invite my husband to the Seminar. He was not aware of our problems and was very surprised when we both showed up. God changed our hearts and our lives that very evening.”

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How a Medical Doctor Used an Effective Tool to Treat His Patients

“I have been able to attend the Basic Seminar about five times, all of which were the usual prerecorded, weeklong format. Through these times I have learned the basic principles of life. I have been taught practical wisdom for my life and family and have been given opportunities to make important decisions.

“I am a medical doctor with a general practice. The conditions presented by most of my patients are self-inflicted. Many physicians become hopelessly cynical and unaffected after years of practice, because they cannot seem to change the underlying behavior of their patients. They simply write down that behavior modification was offered, never once giving compassionate and reasonable concern or effort to relieve the patient’s spiritual burden. However, this is to be expected since they appeal to the patient’s mind, will, and emotions instead of the spirit. I wanted to share with them the principles that I learned in the Basic Seminar, but felt that I should fully understand the Scripture behind the Seminar before I shared these insights with my patients.

“How could I do this? I enrolled in Introduction to Basic Life Principles (BLP 101), a distance-learning course offered through The Telos Institute International. BLP 101 uses a CD-ROM version of the Basic Seminar as the lecture portion of the course, but encourages students to investigate for themselves the Scripture that undergirds the Seminar. Now armed with the principles and practical wisdom from the BLP 101 course I am far better equipped to appeal to my patient’s spirit and encourage him or her to draw upon the Lord, the only Source of true strength and power for change.

“This is also true with my five children. Several of my older children have attended the Basic Seminar. However, I have found that having taken the BLP 101 course, I am able to effectively reinforce the principles for them.

“Children tend to learn the most important lessons from life itself, and being able to explain many of the principles from the Basic Seminar at impromptu times is an invaluable tool.

“The time that I have spent thoroughly learning the Basic Seminar has been a priceless investment in my life, marriage, and family.”

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How the Teachings of Christ Freed a Mother From the Prison of Bitterness

“When I was approximately 13 years old, I attended my first Basic Seminar with my parents. However, I felt like it was just another Christian function that my pastor/father was making me attend. I did not pay much attention. My parents tried very hard to put God’s Law into my life; however, I was a very rebellious child.

“At the age of 33, my dad passed away. On his deathbed, he made the following statement. ‘Victoria, I know that some day you will again come to God and will learn to fall under His authority and His Law. I am going to have to leave you, but always remember that your real Father is by your side.’

“My life fell apart that day. My 8-year-old son was an eyewitness to the murder of his three best friends, and other disasters also took place.

“Bitterness took over my life and led me into anger, rage, hatred, lust, and moral impurity. These elements were the reason for my prison sentence. I never knew my dad’s dying words would become so clear to me behind prison walls. Upon entering prison, I was suicidal and attempted to take my life. I just wanted to die.

“However, in our prison, the Basic Seminar was presented to the inmates, and I signed up to attend. Now I listened with a whole new eagerness to the Biblical principles that were explained.

“After the Seminar, I enrolled in a nine-week Follow-Up Course for a further explanation and application of the principles presented in the Seminar.

“Now both my son and I have conquered the bitterness that was in our hearts and have been able to forgive our offenders. I even have a newfound love in my heart to minister to their needs.”—Testimony of a prison inmate

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How the Basic Seminar Can Help Pastors

“The IBLP seminars have greatly impacted my personal life as well as the First Baptist Church of Glenarden. God’s truth has been concisely and clearly imparted and the lives of thousands of people have been changed.”—Pastor John Jenkins

This seminar is designed to assist the local pastor and will:

  • Provide a concentrated, Scriptural, balanced emphasis on foundations to living the dynamic Christian life
  • Aid the pastor in his teaching ministry with a complete presentation of the foundations of the Christian life
  • Provide a means of outreach into the community for church members whose lives have been touched by the seminar emphasis
  • Give teens a reason for the "rules" they so often hear
  • Provide counseling background to help those who are searching get to the root of their problems
  • Challenge church members to deepen their commitment and relationship to Christ through self-examination
  • Increase the faith of church members as they hear testimony after testimony of God's working supernaturally through obedient Christians

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