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Resolving Conflicts

Why There Are Conflicts


Just as there are universal laws that govern the world of nature, so there are principles of life that govern personal and interpersonal relationships. If any principle is violated, there are predictable consequences.

Principles that are violated during youth continue to damage relationships throughout life. Many “adult conflicts” are actually youth conflicts that were never resolved.

Resolving Conflicts

1. How to identify three root problems

Surface problems must be traced to root causes; then, practical steps can be followed to bring about lasting solutions.

2. How to respond to authorities

God designed four authority structures to provide protection, direction, and provision. When asked to do something wrong, Daniel followed seven steps of action that provide valuable insight on how to respond to authorities.

3. How to resolve guilt

Guilt from past failures produces physical, emotional, and spiritual consequences. Precise direction is given to resolve this guilt and turn failures into a life message.

4. How to overcome bitterness

If we do not forgive the offenses of others, these hurts will lead to bitterness and damage us. Learn how to turn anger and irritations into genuine love.

5. How to conquer worry and fear

The things we own soon “own” us—unless we take steps to conquer worry and fear.

6. How to experience moral purity

Anger and lust are “twins,” and both can be overcome by Biblical steps of action.

7. How to achieve true success in life

God promises that if we carry out one particular spiritual exercise we will have success in everything we do. Learn what that spiritual exercise is and how to do it.

Confirming Truth With Genuine Love

These truths must be balanced with love. Love is expressed in character qualities such as gratefulness, generosity, sincerity, wisdom, patience, humility, and loyalty.

If any principle, such as authority, is not accompanied by compassion, patience, gentleness, deference, and flexibility, others will react to the principle. Therefore, we are to speak the truth in love (See Ephesians 4:15).