Skills Training for Emergency Preparedness

October 4, 2016

This past summer, 42 young ladies participated in the STEP program: 31 ladies completed STEP training for the first time, and 11 completed STEP Advanced training. Throughout the four weeks, STEP students were challenged to learn and grow both physically and spiritually. In each of the classes and activities, the ladies were encouraged to trust in the Lord as their source of strength and encouragement. All of STEP’s training is centered on the goal of 

helping young ladies find true confidence in knowing Christ. The classes and sessions focused on teaching practical skills so that the ladies may be better prepared for the challenges of life. STEP Advanced provided leadership training, in that the ladies led the STEP students in some classes and morning devotionals. The ladies also were able to minister to the community of

Bastrop, Texas, by helping with flood-relief efforts. All of the young ladies were encouraged to grow in their walk with Christ as they met challenges of life together. The STEP program ended with a ceremony and banquet, where the ladies sang some choral arrangements and shared memory verses they had learned throughout the month. Several also shared personal testimonies of what God had done in their life during the STEP program. 

STEP 2016 Testimonies:

“STEP has taught me so much about God and myself. It also prepared me for a lot of real life situations.”


“STEP was a month of discipline that stretched me emotionally, spiritually, and physically. I learned valuable skills for life and was surrounded by a Godly and loving staff, all while having more fun than I thought possible.”


“Each girl should learn skills that we learned here, in order to grow in the Lord, to be confident, work with others, and be prompt and timely.”


“STEP is a great opportunity to learn about yourself and others while growing in confidence in Christ. You will face and overcome challenges by God’s strength and faithfulness. I would recommend STEP because it is a great opportunity for growth in Christ.”


“STEP has impacted my life more than anything else and unlike anything else. God is using it to grow his kingdom. I see too many ‘Christian’ young ladies with too much time on their hands and not enough purpose. STEP will help to plant seeds of Godliness in their lives. Words cannot express the peace I feel after coming through this program.”


“STEP was hard, but it was worth it. I learned so much and was pushed to persevere. It was an amazing experience with encouraging friends. It will have a lasting impact on my life.”


“STEP teaches you skills that you can use to point others to Christ.”


“STEP is amazing, fun, and energizing. It was the best time of my life! STEP will help you get to know Christ better.”


“I believe that every young lady should come through the STEP program. It is helpful, valuable, and a fun opportunity to grow as a young woman and mature in Christ.”


“STEP strengthened my faith. I would recommend it to others for these reasons: You will 1) grow closer to God, 2) gain useful skills, and 3) gain knowledge for emergency situations.”


“STEP is fun, exciting, and challenging. It is a time to learn, a time to grow spiritually closer to God, and a time to grow physically. It is also a place to make lifelong friendships.”


“STEP is amazingly beneficial, and it has been extremely influential in my life.”


“During STEP I learned a lot about myself and how to work with others. Also, it’s a great time of encouragement and growth with other girls. You will meet and make new friends.”


“STEP teaches you to depend on God.”


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