Testimonies from the Young Ladies’ July Journey

July 28, 2015

Fifty-one young ladies were impacted for God’s Kingdom while attending the Journey to the Heart, July 11-21. At least eight participants trusted in Christ alone for salvation! Throughout the Journey numerous ones found freedom from the lies they had believed, forgave those who had offended them, and realized the importance of renewing their minds daily in God’s Word.

One young lady shared, “Six months ago my view of God changed, and I started believing lies about Him. The thing I was seeking on the Journey was to know truth about God, not just know it in my head but actually know it in my heart,

One team discussed how God asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, his most precious possession, as well as Abraham’s response. The group then went to a huge flat-topped boulder, large enough for several girls to kneel upon. They were given the opportunity to turn it into an “altar.” A beautiful time of surrender followed as many let go of their “most precious possessions” which were holding them back from a closer relationship with God.

Another participant gave this testimony:  “On the Journey God convicted me of

Another young lady shared about the impact that the Journey had on her family relationships: “God has been showing me a lot this past week! I have not always treated my siblings or parents as I should. It was Wednesday, and God was really starting to convict me of how much I have put them down and hurt them and not been the sister I should have been. I

This testimony sums up the importance of Christ in us, Who is our life: “I think one of the most amazing things that God has tried to teach me this week is that it’s not me; it’s Christ in me. I know

Is God calling you to spend time away from the busyness of life in order to seek Him wholly? A Journey to the Heart is a wonderful opportunity to come draw closer to God! There are three more Journeys for young ladies this year. Come to Rockaway Beach, Oregon, August 27–September 4; to the Northwoods, September 5–15; or to Oklahoma (Eagle Springs), November 7–16. For more details or to register, please visit iblp.org/programs/journey-heart.

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