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Welcome, Bible Bee families!

We are so glad you stopped by to visit us here at! Congratulations on your endeavor to make God’s Word an important part of your life. Many of our staff and constituents have been involved in this program over the years, including the first winner of the National Bible Bee who tells his story in his book, The $100,000 Word. The author shares lessons God taught him through his time memorizing Scripture and also gives practical tips that helped him memorize God’s Word.

The time you invest this summer to treasure God’s Word in your heart will greatly enrich you now and in years to come! IBLP continues to support the Bible Bee ministry with our prayers and individual participation. As you prepare for this year’s Bible Bee, our staff has compiled some resources and programs that hopefully will aid and encourage you in your preparation.

How would you like if your children were able to memorize 79 verses of Scripture and have fun while doing it? The Scripture Talk DVD combines active hand motions, visual aids, and creative teaching to equip children of all ages to hide God's Word in their hearts, as well as apply it to their lives!

Another available resource is the Pineapple Story. Many have enjoyed hearing veteran missionary Otto Koning share the humorous story of how a pineapple garden taught him the important lesson of yielding rights. This and other lively true stories from his missionary experiences in Irian Jaya are encouraging and motivating for all ages.

The Perpetual Character Calendar has 366 daily readings and insights into the character of God to begin your day with His Word before you! Perfect for your desktop or nightstand, the spiral-bound calendar presents from Scripture a study on twelve character qualities that reflect the nature of God. Each character focus is accompanied by a carefully chosen Scripture for each day of the month, practical applications, and examples from the Old Testament, New Testament, and the life of Christ. Encourage your heart through the daily readings and study of God's character!

The Character Sketches are designed to be a tool that parents can use to teach their children basic concepts of Scripture that are illustrated in the world of nature. It is among our best-loved publications, and many have enjoyed the gripping stories and marveled at the lifelike watercolor and pencil illustrations.

For those serious about becoming a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Commands of Christ series is a set of seven booklets focusing on 49 general commands that Jesus gave. There is also a companion Memorization and Meditation Journal to help you reach your goals by providing structure for a rich study of forty-nine general commands of Jesus. In addition to memorizing and meditating on key Bible verses, you will be challenged to answer questions designed specifically to deepen your understanding of the command, record your own personal experiences, and prompt you to use what you have learned in order to disciple others. The Pocket Guide also contains a concise overview of the forty-nine commands of Christ. Included are three to six additional supporting verses, information on the related character quality and names of God, and questions to motivate personal application and meaningful meditation of Scripture.

A hardback resource that many have used is the Power for True Success book. An easy-to-use volume, it provides Biblical studies on forty-nine character qualities. In alphabetical order by character quality, for each one it includes practical definitions, explanatory biblical word studies, insightful related quotes, and practical steps of action for personal application.

Please visit our resource, the online Embassy Institute! It is a catalog of Godly messages recorded over the years from the collections of seminars and conferences that IBLP has hosted, as well as present recordings of evangelists and pastors.

Journey to the Heart is a 10-day opportunity to spend time alone with God and with a small group, focusing on the heart of God and seeking Him. It is a transforming and inspirational time of focusing on God’s Word and learning how it applies to you in your daily walk with Him. Journey to the Heart can give you a chance like you've never had before to develop a personal, loving relationship with Jesus, a relationship you can cling to through any circumstances.

After all that rich, intense study, remember to check out Family Camp! This annual event is held in October on the scenic 2,200-acre International ALERT Academy campus in Big Sandy, Texas. Your family can fellowship with other like-minded folks, enjoy exciting family-oriented activities, hear uplifting music, and listen to powerful messages from Godly speakers. Activities include rappelling, canoeing, archery, fishing, and hiking, or events such as the Family Camp Volleyball Tournament, the popular canoe races, or the stick horse rodeo. It’s not only a family vacation week, but it is also an unforgettable experience of relaxation, inspiration, and making memories together!

May God richly bless you as you treasure His Word in your heart!

IBLP Staff