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Character Quality Definitions

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Wisdom Booklet Answer Keys

Wisdom Booklet 1: Answer Key

Wisdom Booklet 2: Answer Key

Wisdom Booklet 3: Answer Key

Wisdom Booklet 4: Answer Key

Wisdom Booklet 5: Answer Key

Wisdom Booklet 6: Answer Key

Wisdom Booklet 7: Answer Key

Wisdom Booklet 8: Answer Key

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Wisdom Booklet 11: Answer Key

Wisdom Booklet 12: Answer Key

Character Quality Definitions

Download the operational definitions of 49 character qualities in a convenient one-sheet chart. Includes the Scripture reference for the Key Verse of each character quality.

Sample Worksheets

Students use the Wisdom Booklet worksheets to complete studies relating to the themes of each Wisdom Booklet. The foundational Scripture passage, related character quality, and selected theme song provide insights into the topics addressed in each booklet.

Beyond Wisdom Booklet assignments, use these worksheets to record any studies related to Scripture meditation, character qualities, and the history of hymns and hymn writers.

Sample Scripture Meditation Worksheet

(pages 6–7 in each Wisdom Booklet)

Sample Character Quality Worksheet

(page 8 in each Wisdom Booklet)

Sample Theme Song Worksheet

(page 9 in each Wisdom Booklet)

Sample Life Classroom Worksheet

(Last page in each Wisdom Booklet)

Vocabulary Word Charts

The vocabulary word charts contain a pronunciation key and definition for every vocabulary word studied in Wisdom Booklets 1–54. Choose between the alphabetical listing that charts all the words alphabetically, or the numerical listing that divides the words into groups according to what is studied in each Wisdom Booklet.

Note: The dimensions of these charts are 8.5″ x 14″ (US Legal size paper).

Vocabulary Words – Listed Alphabetically

Vocabulary Words – Listed by Wisdom Booklet

Wisdom Booklet Content Overview

The Wisdom Booklet Content Overview is designed as a tool to assist parents in planning Wisdom Booklet study. It includes a brief synopsis of the academic content of the Wisdom Booklets along with an index of topics.

Each Wisdom Booklet overview includes:

  • Main topics addressed in the Wisdom Booklet.
  • Suggested materials for completing Parent Guide Planner projects.
  • Ideas for additional supplementation of the Wisdom Booklet.
  • Booklet themes of the Scripture passage, character quality, theme song title, command of Christ, and Further Study Focus in the sidebar columns.

Content Overview: 1 – 28

Content Overview: 29 – 54