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2014 Family Conferences

Looking Unto Jesus

Family Conference

IBLP Family Conferences are packed with practical instruction, motivating messages, and family fellowship. Parents gain renewed vision for training their children, and students learn about deepening their walk with God and pursuing their goals. This is a “week that will last a lifetime”! The conferences feature activities and sessions designed to meet the needs of the entire family. Students can participate in a variety of programs that communicate the themes of the conference while parents are uplifted and motivated through sessions that address key life issues.

Conference Theme: "Looking Unto Jesus"

Tom HarmonTom Harmon

Hearing the Voice of God
Twenty-five years ago, Tom Harmon surrendered his life to preach. Since then, he has been sharing up to four hundred messages per year throughout the nation. He is now writing his seventh book to encourage believers in the foundational truths of the faith. His messages are impacting because he transparently shares about Christ’s work in his life and how he has been changed by hearing God’s voice through the Word. This has borne fruit in his marriage, with his children, and with his grandchildren. We look forward to hearing more from his life and testimony.

David Gibbs, Jr.
David Gibbs, Jr.

Looking to Jesus in the Storms of Life
David Gibbs has fast become a conference favorite with his gripping messages that are packed with riveting stories and life-changing illustrations. Since founding the Christian Law Association, David has made himself and his staff available free of charge to churches and individuals who are in the midst of crisis situations. He has motivated people to look to Jesus in the midst of their storms instead of being caught up in the waves that are threatening them. You will not want to miss the encouragement he brings.

Jim Bob and Michelle DuggarJim Bob & Michelle Duggar

Recognize Jesus as the Head of Your Home
Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have been an inspiration to millions and are known around the world through the TV series 19 Kids and Counting. They have already had an amazing two hundred episodes with an average viewing audience of 1.5 million. By being in the spotlight year after year, they have come to discover the necessity of making Christ the head of their home. Both will share examples of how this has influenced their daily decisions, and Michelle will share special sessions for moms.

Chris Hogan
Chris Hogan

Real Relationships Meet Real Needs
Chris and Anne Hogan have ministered under the banner of reconciliation for marriages, families, churches, organizations, and the Body of Christ. They coach people to become ministers of reconciliation through their ministry, Noble Call Institute. At the conference they want to share with you how to overcome the resistors that prevent us from being relational to reconcile. They are eager to inspire you to seek Jesus to become ministers of reconciliation within your home, church, and workplace through looking unto Jesus for reconciliation.

Paul and Jenny Speed
Paul and Jenny Speed

Look to Jesus for a life of freedom
Countless marriages are being destroyed by irreconcilable differences that are far deeper than surface problems. Hidden sins that have been kept from the spouse and children cause both a break in the spirit of the marriage and a tendency for the sons and daughters to repeat the failures. God has used Paul and Jenny Speed to help many “hopeless” marriages and family conflicts to be cleared up as individuals and families realize the freedom in the truth found in Jesus Christ.

Dr. John Morgan
Dr. John Morgan

The Power of Generosity to Impact a City
Dr. John Morgan started a church with sixteen people. Today, its members number in the thousands. One key distinctive of this church is how they have focused on giving. Because of this Biblical focus and the benefits that have resulted to those around them, the Houston Chamber of Commerce voted the church the Business of the Year and named Dr. Morgan the Man of the Year. He will explain the rich Biblical concepts of giving to God and watching God multiply what is given.

Gil and Kelly Bates
Gil and Kelly Bates

How to Trust God When Money Is Not In Sight
Gil and Kelly Bates have nineteen children. They have seen the Lord provide in amazing ways. They look to Jesus for their daily needs. They have been blessed with a debt-free home and a tree-trimming business that motivates them to look to Jesus instead of looking to a fixed salary for provision. Their lives are an encouraging testimony of God’s ability to provide in direct answer to prayer. Your faith will be inspired as you hear Gil’s recent stories.

Other Speakers Include:

David Barton
Anthony Burrus
Dwain Swanson
Tim Levendusky

Youth Programs:

Student Sessions

Special student sessions for students aged 12 and up will cover topics such as "The Missing Factor That Will Revolutionize Your Prayer Life", "How to Develop Your Most Valuable Skill", "How to Triumph Over Satan’s Favorite Weapons", and "How to Overcome Fear With Wise Answers."

Event Photography Student SessionNew! Event Photography Student Session

Learn, Practice, and Master Successful Event Photography!

Want to increase your skills in photography? Learn and practice hands-on at the Event Photography Student Session. Conference photography workshop. Join the team of Conference photographers for specific training on how to shoot and cover the photography needs of large events. A student session for intermediate level photographers ages 14 and up; class size of 10.


Cultivate your relationship with the Lord and get a vision to change your world! The sessions and activities of COMMIT are planned with this goal in mind: to motivate young ladies to choose to seek God first, become fully committed to Him, love Him with all their hearts, and humbly serve others in their irreplaceable youth before facing the pressures of adulthood. 

For ladies aged 12-15.


The ALERT Cadet "Challenge" for young men aged 8-17 is filled with spiritual, mental, and physical lessons designed to impart a global vision for service to each young man and challenge him to develop a heart fully committed to Christ.


The Pre-Embassy staff is excited to work with your girls aged 8-11 again! This year’s program will be centered around the one characteristic that Jesus Christ taught would set us apart as his people more than any other— love for one another. The lessons throughout the week will encourage them to see their relationships within and outside of the family through the eyes of Jesus. The girls should come prepared to participate in exciting activities both in small and large group settings and form new friendships with a team of other young ladies their age.

Children's InstituteChildren's Institute

The goal of the Children’s Institute is to "turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers" (Malachi 4:6). Children aged 4-7 are discipled on levels that are both understandable and exciting to them. Team leaders learn basic principles of life and are taught creative ways to integrate these principles into lessons that captivate and motivate children.

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