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Journey to the Heart

Experience the Reality of God

Are you tired of a nominal Christian life where you just go through the motions but don’t really experience vibrant fellowship with the Lord? Does your heart long for a deeper relationship with the Lord and to live a life sold out to Him? Consider coming on a Journey to the Heart to experience the reality of Who God is in a way like you may never have before!

Quick Details

  • 1-week retreat, on location
Designed for:
  • Single men & women
  • Ages 13–30

The Curriculum

What will I learn at Journey?

During a Journey you will go through the Journey to the Heart curriculum, which is divided into two sections. The first section, the Five Foundations, discusses vital truths of the Christian life that we must have in place. The second section examines various negative heart conditions that we can have, and how God can transform those into positive heart conditions as we seek Him.

Download a sample of the Journey workbook:

Five Foundations

Just like constructing any building, the foundation is the most important part. If we don’t have the right foundations for our Christian life, the whole building will come crashing down.

Your View of God

What do you really believe about God?

It’s about Relationship

A relationship with God that’s real, not just religious

Christ in You

You’ll never be able to live the Christian life through your own efforts


Getting to know God personally

God’s Eternal Purpose

The big picture: the high call of God over all of mankind

Seven Heart Conditions

In addition to taking a look at these foundational truths, we will seek the Lord to show us things in our heart that are hindering our fellowship with the Lord. We’ll define and unpack these seven different heart conditions:

  • Deceitful Heart vs. Sound Heart
  • Fearful Heart vs. Believing Heart
  • Murmuring Heart vs. Meek Heart
  • Prideful Heart vs. Humble Heart
  • Profane Heart vs. Holy Heart
  • Adulterous Heart vs. Stedfast Heart
  • Bitter Heart vs. Forgiving Heart

“What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.”

A. W. Tozer

What Journey alumni are saying:

“When I heard about Journey to the Heart, I was a little hesitant. Would this really help me draw closer to God? I decided to give it a try. In that week, I experienced closeness with my Heavenly Father in a way I never had before! I realized that my focus had been on serving God, but I had never taken time to get to know him. During my  journey, I was able to take time to be alone with God, and experience his presence in an amazing way!”
“Attending Journey to the Heart was a turning point in my walk with the Lord.”
“One of the greatest areas I grew in was coming to realize the power of Christ living in me. Instead of just me in my flesh trying to overcome sin or issues in my life that I struggled with, I came to the realization that Christ is the power that enables me to overcome sin and live the impossible Christian life. God is so amazing to continue leading us along, and He used the Journey to the Heart to greatly bless me and lead me closer to Him!”
“Journey to the Heart was a fantastic experience and blessing for me personally. It was wonderful to take a whole week to spend focusing on God with other inspiring young people. We laughed, we sang, we learnt, we were challenged we prayed, we grew spiritually and God worked in all of our lives.”
“During Journey, I was able to meditate and pray like I’ve never done before. God drew me to Himself and I felt closer to Him than I than I have been for a long time. He revealed Himself to me in ways I never dreamed possible… It was an undeniably unforgettable time.”

Not just another program to tell you to have a relationship with God.

God has given us an incredible promise that if we seek Him with all our heart we will find Him. But if we allow things like bitterness, fear, lust and pride to creep into our hearts we can be greatly hindered in seeking the Lord with all our heart.

Journey to the Heart provides a time and place where people can truly be discipled in their relationship with the Lord. We don’t just tell people they are supposed to have one, but we take time to explain what it means to walk with God and how to develop a relationship with Him.

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