Events & Resources

Opportunities for growth through discipleship

Family Events

Uplifting experiences for the entire family

Family Conferences

Join families from across the nation for a week of refreshing relationships, Biblical teaching, and spiritual renewal.

Family Camp

Enjoy exciting activities, warm friendships, and spiritual encouragement. An adventure for the whole family!

Embassy Media

On-demand media library

Unlimited streaming of more than 1,200 media pieces, ranging from short devotionals to in-depth seminars—all with the express purpose of making effective disciples and strengthening the Body of Christ. Wanting to grow in a particular area? Looking for resources to add to your small group study? Browse the media on Embassy by topics, series, speakers, and more. Available for only $4.99/month.

Discipleship Opportunities

Avenues for pursuing personal and spiritual growth

Journey to the Heart

A weeklong retreat for young people and adults to get away from the busyness of life and seek the Lord while enjoying the beauty of His creation.


A dynamic discipleship and service program that exists to help young ladies aged 16 and older pursue Biblical womanhood with excellence and grace.

Rise Up

A 12-week online discipleship course for young adults seeking to know and follow God in a personal way while tackling real-life relationship questions.

Sound Foundations

A 3-week course for musicians aged 15 and older that provides excellent training to build both their walk with the Lord and their skill set as a musician.


A nationwide discipleship program for fathers and sons. A “toolbox” of Biblical resources to assist fathers in leading their sons into Biblical manhood.


This 4-week summer program for young men will inspire them to choose Christlike manhood through preaching, practical life skills, and recreational activities.

Biblical Character Illustrated Curriculum

Christ-centered character studies for children

This curriculum series contains everything you will need to give kids a vision for building character through faith in Christ. Object lessons, discussion questions, crafts, activities, word games, and coloring pages are all included! Bring character qualities to life with these fun and memorable lesson booklets.

Study Materials

Valuable tools for group, family, or individual use

The Life Series

This dynamic video series invites you to explore faith, hope, and love from a fresh perspective! Intended for small groups, Sunday Schools, or home Bible studies, The Life Series was designed to be viewed in a group setting and is accompanied with a workbook.

Financial Freedom Seminar

This 16-hour seminar communicates through clear teaching and fascinating testimonies how God deserves to have lordship not only over our finances, but over every areas of our lives.

Commands of Christ Series

Through an in-depth look at 49 general commands that Jesus gave, you will learn what it means to truly follow Christ. This seven-book course may be used in a group setting or as a personal study.

Wisdom Booklets

Based on the Sermon on the Mount, this educational study series for families and small groups will examine how the Word of God applies to all of life and learning!

Prison Ministry

Bringing hope to the hopeless

Since 1996, more than 100,000 inmates have completed the Life Principles seminars, studying God’s truth and learning to apply it to their lives. God has grown the prison ministry to serve in more than 200 facilities across 22 states.