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News & Reports

Updates from ministry around the globe


Character Qualities

Commands of Christ

Basic Life Principles

Between January 11–26, Gabriel Cleator and his wife Sara traveled to both New Zealand and Australia to help with the Family Conferences there. The theme for both conferences was “In Everything by Prayer.”
The fall season is already upon us, and the new year is fast approaching! Two differently themed calendars for 2024 are available to help you keep God’s Word before you.
This past summer’s three-week Sound Foundations Level 2 class provided both academic learning and spiritual growth.
This month marks five years since we first began releasing a free Message of the Month selection! To celebrate this milestone, we’ve created a selection of messages spanning across all five years of this Message of the Month series. They are available to watch for free for the month of September.
Are you looking for a small group study that is packed with Biblical depth, grounded in theological accuracy, and suitable for a real-life group? Look no further!
When a person sets aside the distractions of life to focus on seeking the Lord, God can work in amazing ways! Recently, ten young ladies from around the country gathered in Big Sandy, Texas, to do just that.
Are you looking for a powerful message to inspire the young men in your life? The Matters of Life and Death series is an enlightening journey through the truths of God's Word, tailored especially for men, and especially for young men seeking to deepen their relationship with the Lord.
Are you a father seeking to strengthen the bond with your sons while instilling Christlike values in their hearts? ALERT Cadet is your ultimate “toolbox” of Biblical resources designed to empower fathers like you in raising godly young men, ready to overcome the challenges of life.
At the beginning of July, twenty-five young men from as far apart in America as New Hampshire to California gathered in Big Sandy, Texas, for the Young Men’s Journey to the Heart. During this week of seeking the Lord together and individually, God worked in mighty ways. The young men sought God, spent time reading and meditating on His Word, and allowed the Lord to speak to them regarding areas in their lives that were hindering their walk with Him. On July 4, the group viewed a powerful message on salvation. At the end of the message, one student indicated that he wanted to be saved. Having grown up in a Christian home, he knew a lot about what it meant to be saved. But he needed to actually give His life to Christ and enter into a relationship with Him. With fireworks crackling and whistling in the background, he talked with one of the Journey leaders about surrendering his life to the Lord. How wonderful that, as America was celebrating her Independence Day, this young man was now able to begin experiencing true freedom for himself! Freedom from sin, self, and satan was his as he placed his faith […]
Messages from the Big Sandy April Family Conference are now available to be viewed at!
What do we do when someone hurts us deeply? What happens when we hold bitterness toward others? Affirming Biblical Foundations (ABF) is a ten-part, interactive workshop where participants walk through common conflicts we often face, whether in the family, the church, the work place, or the civil arena.
The most recent “documentary,” about IBLP, is a reflection of today’s culture. Its misleading and untruthful commentary mocks that which is good and moral in the most sensationalized way possible, both for shock value and for profit. Media story makers are anything but fair and balanced. These attacks, as salacious and false as they may be, will cause many to search out our ministry and discover the truth for themselves. For this we are grateful because we know that our aim and our efforts are all designed to help people find God’s love, redemption, and their best lives.
Every spring the first Family Conference kicks off on the campus in Big Sandy, Texas. This conference is a highly-anticipated week by many people; some families have been attending for decades! The theme this year is “In Every Thing by Prayer.” As communication is foundational to any relationship, prayer is essential in our relationship with Christ.
John De Boer will always be remembered by the staff who knew him for his faithfulness to His Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ; his integrity in leadership; and his genuine concern for the welfare of those who served under him.
This month, we had the privilege of hosting the SOWER Ministry’s 40th Anniversary Rally. The SOWER Ministry (Servants On Wheels Ever Ready) is an RV work ministry of retired couples who travel around the country in campers and RVs, providing help to other Christian ministries. Each SOWER couple has their own skill set—whether painting, electrical, plumbing, sewing, construction, or cleaning—and is able to choose their project locations and how many projects they do throughout the year. Often, those residing in the North will head South for the winter, and then work in the North during the summer. The SOWERs travel the country, meeting and building relationships with people from all backgrounds and walks of life. The group encourages others by voluntarily meeting practical needs and sharing the light of Christ everywhere they go.  Although most SOWERs may be relatively advanced in years, their enthusiasm and joy for living and serving the Lord is remarkable! For example, two SOWER ladies, Jackie and Carolyn, joined our janitorial staff for a two-week time before their Rally. These two ladies literally got the job done in half the time it would have taken our normal crew to do it! Not only did we have […]
Each year, teams of volunteers spend time sharing the love of Jesus with men and women behind bars. Through Christ’s work in lives during Seminars and the Prison Journey to the Heart, inmates find spiritual freedom while still physically behind bars. The 2023 Spring Prison Journey was no exception. Held at the end of March, many people prayed, then volunteers presented the materials to inmates in two prisons. God did a mighty work!  A topic covered on each Journey is the importance of forgiveness and not harboring bitterness. This subject hit home for many of the inmates who have faced various hurts in their lives. In the men’s prison, the Spirit of God was at work convicting the Journey attendees of their bitterness and empowering them to forgive. Following a message on this topic, the inmates were asked how many of them had someone that they needed to forgive that night. Many hands went up across the dorm. One Journey leader led the men in a prayer. First, they confessed their bitterness as sin, and next they asked God’s forgiveness for their sin. Then the men prayed for God to enable them to forgive those that had hurt them. The […]
More than 250 ALERT Alumni and staff gathered to celebrate ALERT’s 29-year anniversary.
Family Conference and Journey to the Heart reports.
Inspiring sessions by live speakers centered on the theme “Continue in the Word.” The Spirit of God was at work strengthening whole families.
Our culture is at a crossroads between life and death. This is evident to everyone in our increasingly sectarian society. But it seems that everyone has a different solution to the massive problems overwhelming us.