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Life Principles Prison Ministry

Bringing Hope to the Hopeless

Since 1996, when the first seminar was held in a correctional facility in Tucker, Arkansas, God has grown the prison ministry to serve in more than 200 facilities across 22 states. More than 100,000 inmates have completed the Life Principles seminars, studying God’s truth and learning to apply it to their lives. God has also allowed the ministry to go international, serving in Guatemala, Trinidad, Romania, and Ukraine.

Recognizing that only the work of God in a person’s life can bring about lasting change, the prison ministry seeks to introduce inmates to Jesus Christ and helps them grow in their knowledge of Him and His Word. The ministry has helped develop faith-based discipleship programs, including the 12-month Principles and Application for Life (P.A.L.) program, and has been implemented in more than a dozen correctional facilities.

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Testimonies from prisons:

“I was able to talk with one woman who shared about being abused as a teenager with me with tears streaming down her face—she hadn't told anyone about for 20 years. It was a freeing thing for her to be able to let out something she had hid for so long and begin the healing process. She told me: 'Just know this: you 100% saved my life this week.' Her hearing about God's love and forgiveness made a huge difference . . . . The freedom was obvious."
—Seminar Facilitator 
“I loved this seminar and got so much out of it. . . . I have asked both my mom and my husband for forgiveness and am so excited to follow God’s authority and see what He has in store for our family.”
“I have recently cried out to God, receiving His salvation and accepting Him into my heart and life as my God, Father, and Savior. . . . I realized God didn’t create my heart to be put on a chopping block, but on a potter’s wheel . . . I now have peace in my heart!”
"I have a serious issue with authority. If I'm told to do something and I know I have to, especially by another inmate, I'm like—ok, I'll do this [because] I want to not [because] you say I have to. So I learned that listening and following rules is not only about respecting authority it's about respecting God and honoring Him. So now I think I will have an easier time accepting what I'm told. Thank you, I truly learned so many things."
“I have been living with anger for the past 4 years due to an ‘unresolved violation of my personal justice system’ (bitterness). . . . God was trying to get my attention but I wasn’t listening. On the first day of the seminar I went back to the dorm and I felt an incredible amount of peace wash over me.”
“He hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound.”
Isaiah 61:1

Restoring Relationships,
Transforming Lives

God is working! Join us in bringing life-changing prison ministry programs to incarcerated men and women across the country.