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Biblical Character FAQ

Q. What is BCIC?

A. The Biblical Character Illustrated Curriculum (BCIC) was created to equip Christian families, churches, neighborhood Bible clubs, and small groups with discipleship materials to give children a greater understanding of Who God is and how to develop His character in their lives. As we welcome Christ’s work in our hearts and respond in obedient faith, He will form His character in us. 

Each 32-page booklet teaches one character quality through four lessons which are packed with practical applications for everyday life. Each lesson includes a Bible story, memory verse game, hands-on activity, and coloring page. In addition, other instructional sections are offered in each booklet, such as deeper explanation of the character quality, related Scriptures, discussion questions, and a related hymn with the hymnwriter’s story!

Q. For what age child was this curriculum designed?

A. BCIC was specifically designed for elementary-age children, grades 1–6. The material is written with a 4th grade child in mind. However, the material can be adapted by users for middle school grades. Keep in mind that learning styles and comprehension levels vary greatly from child to child, so each booklet includes material for children at multiple levels and with various learning styles. 

This resource is designed to flex to the needs of children of various ages. For example, during the word search, preschool children may point out the ABCs while older children may search for every word that is in the memory verse and character quality definition. Also, very young children may listen and color the coloring page during the Bible study while older children look up verses to find answers to the lesson’s questions. Activities may be done by all ages. However, children who feel they are too old may assist younger ones in making their crafts. Character is one subject the entire family or class can learn together.

Q. Do I need to purchase a booklet for each child?

A. You do not need to order a separate booklet for each child. The worksheet and coloring pages have permission granted for reproduction for educational purposes. You will find one book is sufficient per family or per group.

Q. How long does it take to study through each booklet?

A. Typically, each booklet is a month long study. The two most common schedules for teaching the booklets are 1) Family Style - 15 minutes a day as shown on the schedule in the front of each booklet or 2) Sunday School Style - An hour class once a week for four weeks as shown in the table of contents.


Q. How Do You Develop Good Character?

A. Only the Lord Jesus Christ gives eternal life and changes our desires and motivations from within (I Corinthians 3:11). He empowers true followers to produce the fruit of the Holy Spirit and grow in Christlike character. For this reason, every booklet contains the object lesson “Explaining Salvation to a Child—Christ Our Righteousness” to teach children the complete Gospel message. As Christians read and study God’s Word (Proverbs 2:1–6), see Who He is (Psalm 27:4), and allow Him to work in them (Hebrews 13:21), their lives will become a radiant expression of His character, for His glory. (See II Corinthians 4:10–11.)

Q. Does IBLP offer other character-based resources?

A. Yes. You can view more character-related resources here.

The Character Sketches are excellent for science, nature stories, and Bible study. This series includes optional coloring books and crossword puzzle books.
The Character Booklets are similar. This series covers six character qualities.

Biblical Foundations of Character is an excellent companion to the Character First! booklets if you have earlier editions of Character First! This particular series covers nine character qualities.

Other character resources include The Power for True Success and Achieving True Success. These two coffee table books contain excellent content accompanied by relevant beautiful illustrations throughout.

Q. How do the booklets go along with the calendar?

A. On the IBLP Biblical character calendar you will see that many of the BCIC booklets match a featured character quality of the month on the calendar. The January 2020 character quality is responsibility, and each day of that month contains a verse related to responsibility. Some families or individuals daily read these verses from the calendar as a daily Scripture for meditation, as well as a section of the BCIC booklet. The BCIC Responsibility booklet expounds the definition of responsibility, Bible verse, Bible story, and applications that are featured for January on the 2020 calendar.

In addition to the calendar, some families reinforce their character focus by subscribing to a daily email devotional. The daily devotionals are available for free via email. Sign up here or download the app “Biblical Character Calendar” from the app store.

The curriculum booklets, calendar, and daily email devotional all intertwine to create a deeper character study.

Q. Can we be notified when the next booklet is released?

A. Yes. We do send out an announcement email when the new booklet is available for purchase. Email [email protected] with your request to be notified when each new booklet is released.

Q. I'm not sure this curriculum is the best fit for my situation. Is there any way to try it first?

A.  Yes. Please enjoy the free portions of the booklets and see if this curriculum is the right fit for you.

Q. Is BCIC available in other languages?

A. Not at this time. Interest has been expressed in having the curriculum available in Spanish, Korean, Romanian, Chinese, Sinhala, and French. To add other language requests to this list or to volunteer with translation, please email [email protected].

Q. Shipping is expensive to the United Kingdom, Canada, etc. Are BCIC booklets downloadable?

A. Yes! Complete BCIC booklets are now available as downloads. You can purchase them here.

Q. Which booklets go with which Hymns for the Family CDs?

A. Hymns for the Family Vol. 1 is a recording of the hymns that correspond with the 12 qualities on the 2016 and 2020 calendars.


  1. Responsibility: Let the Lower Lights Be Burning

  2. Flexibility: Have Thine Own Way, Lord

  3. Joyfulness: There’s Within My Heart a Melody

  4. Truthfulness: Jesus Loves Me, This I Know

  5. Tolerance: Just As I Am

  6. Determination: Hold the Fort

  7. Creativity: All Creatures of Our God and King

  8. Meekness: I Surrender All

  9. Cautiousness: Eternal Father, Strong to Save

  10. Alertness: Sound the Battle Cry

  11. Self-Control: Yield Not to Temptation

  12. Love: More Love to Thee


Hymns for the Family Vol. 2 is a recording of the hymns that correspond with the 12 qualities on the 2017 and 2021 calendar.


  1. Wisdom: I Want a Principle Within 

  2. Sensitivity: Does Jesus Care?

  3. Punctuality: What If It Were Today? 

  4. Contentment: Take the World but Give Me Jesus

  5. Thoroughness: Complete in Thee

  6. Patience: Jesus, I Am Resting, Resting

  7. Availability: Take My Life and Let It Be

  8. Reverence: Praise to the Lord, the Almighty 

  9. Initiative: Must I Go, and Empty-Handed?

  10. Virtue: A Mighty Fortress Is Our God

  11. Hospitality: Make Me a Channel of Blessing

  12. Humility: Amazing Grace

Hymns for the Family Vol. 3 is a recording of the hymns that correspond with the 12 qualities on the 2018 calendar.

  1. Diligence: To the Work 

  2. Loyalty: Jesus Calls Us

  3. Boldness: Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus

  4. Security: The Solid Rock

  5. Enthusiasm: Take the Name of Jesus with You

  6. Gentleness: Day by Day

  7. Discretion: Lord, Speak to Me 

  8. Deference: May the Mind of Christ My Savior 

  9. Compassion: I Must Tell Jesus

  10. Obedience: Trust and Obey

  11. Dependability: I Would Be True

  12. Thriftiness: Lord, I’m Coming Home

Hymns for the Family Vol. 4 is a recording of the hymns that correspond with the 12 qualities on the 2019 calendar, plus a hymn related to faith.

  1. Decisiveness: I Have Decided to Follow Jesus

  2. Forgiveness: Arise, My Soul, Arise!

  3. Persuasiveness: Let Jesus Come into Your Heart

  4. Attentiveness: In the Garden

  5. Sincerity: Living for Jesus

  6. Resourcefulness: Rescue the Perishing

  7. Justice: All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name

  8. Endurance: The Son of God Goes Forth to War

  9. Orderliness: This Is My Father’s World

  10. Discernment: More About Jesus

  11. Gratefulness: Now Thank We All Our God

  12. Generosity: I Gave My Life for Thee

  13. Faith: I Know Whom I Have Believed (bonus track)

Q. What if I have other questions?

A. We would be delighted to hear from you! You can email the Curriculum Development Team directly at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you and supporting you in your mission to train up the next generation in the ways of the Lord!

Biblical Character

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