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Not setting my affections on ideas or plans which could be changed by God or others.

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A more comprehensive children's curriculum is also available in print. The flexibility booklet includes four lessons that help children respond graciously to life's unpredictable circumstances. 

"Not Be Upset When Plans Change" features the story of how plans changed for Joseph and Mary. 

"Not Be Stubborn" features the story of Captain Naaman seeking a cure.

"See Change as Opportunity" features the story of Paul's new opportunities.

"Refuse to Compromise What Is Right" features the story of the three friends who were commanded to worship an idol.

Through this study, children learn when, why, and how to adjust to the many changes they will face throughout their lives.

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Related Hymn

The related hymn for this quality is "Have Thine Own Way, Lord" by Adelaide Pollard.

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This related hymn is one of many available on CD through the "Hymns for the Family" CD collection. With cheery vocals and beautiful piano accompaniment, both young and old will enjoy listening and singing along. Whether during school times, family times, or even while in the car, this collection will help young ones learn classic hymns with powerful truths about God and His character!

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Free Study Sheet

Curious where this study sheet came from?

This study sheet was taken from The Power for True Success, a display-quality, hardbound book that provides Biblical studies on forty-nine character qualities. It includes thirty pages on how to have the power to live out character, practical definitions for each character quality, Biblical word studies that explain the quality, Biblical illustrations and analogies of the quality in life, powerful quotes which give insight into each quality, practical steps of action for personal application, and beautiful color illustrations.

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Biblical Character

This downloadable children's curriculum is a part of IBLP's Biblical Character program. Learn more »