Guys’ Journey to the Heart June 17–25

July 25, 2017

The June Guys’ Journey was a special time of seeking the Lord and getting to know Him more intimately! Eighteen young men, ages ranging from 13–23, gathered with 5 leaders in Oak Brook, IL, and then the team traveled up to the Northwoods of Michigan for special time set aside for spiritual deepening in their lives.

Day One of the Journey focused on the Gospel and the reality that: 1) as believers we are sons of God; 2) as sons of God we are partakers of God’s life and nature; and 3) we have these blessings because we are born of His Spirit. Discussion was centered on the fact that the only way the Christian life is even possible is through Christ living in us!

The following day and throughout the week we focused a lot on the importance of meditation on God’s Word. One young man shared about why he came on the Journey: “I was in a state of spiritual dryness and one of the major things I wanted to learn was how to know God more.” He added that he had heard that he was supposed to have a relationship with God, but that he didn’t really know how to hear from God. While on the Journey he heard about meditating on God’s Word, and how it is one of the main ways we learn to hear from God. The young man later reported: “That day when we were meditating on God’s Word on the lake just felt so peaceful! In the stillness it was so easy to remove cares and worries from my mind and just concentrate on God’s Word.”

Another young man on the Journey testified: “It was really interesting to see how, when you take away the distractions of the world, you can really see how God works in your life. I will probably be spending time with God a whole lot more than just looking at social media and talking to friends.” One of the leaders commented about his time on the Journey: “I feel lighter and more satisfied in Jesus, and I want to continue by meditating on Him and His Word.”

At one point the topic was about forgiveness, and releasing bitterness and resentment. One young man on the Journey shared: “Before I came to this Journey, I was struggling with bitterness and forgiving others. In the past, people have wronged me and I have just not talked with them since. Being here and learning about God’s love showed me that I really need to forgive and let go of the bitterness or it will keep me from my relationship with God—and that is something that I was really struggling with. I felt dry spiritually. I was reading God’s Word but not daily, and I wasn’t meditating on Him or Scripture. I wasn’t longing after Him. This week really helped me in my walk with Christ! I learned that being bitter, I can’t go anywhere with God. I have to forgive others and also ask for forgiveness for myself for being bitter.”

One Journey participant summed up the week well: “God has done amazing things this week and I thank Him for that!” Praise the Lord for all that He has done in the lives and hearts of those who were on the June Guys’ Journey! Please pray for each of these young men who were on the Journey as they are home now, that they would continue passionately pursuing the Lord Jesus Christ.


Men on Mission, August 3–6, Oak Brook, IL


The Overlook, August 17–20, Oak Brook, IL

Take the Lead, September 13–17, Oak Brook, IL

Girls’ Journey, September 23–October 1, Northwoods, MI

Guys’ Journey, September 23–October 1, Big Sandy, TX

Ladies’ Journey, September 23–October 1, Northwoods, MI

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