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January 29, 2022

Understanding we live in a world with 24-hour news and social media postings, we wanted to post a response IBLP made to recent inquiries from a reporter. We think it is important to post IBLP’s response so that when news articles come out, you will know what IBLP said. This is what IBLP sent to

Over the years, thousands of people have participated in the programs, seminars, and conferences sponsored by the Institute in Basic Life Principles, Inc. Life involves daily decisions and IBLP has taught and encouraged everyone to make wise choices based upon principles of life revealed in the Bible and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

IBLP has also published materials to help individuals and families in their personal and family lives as Christians. IBLP would never condone nor do we tolerate abuse of anyone. There is no teaching by IBLP that women are inferior to men because there is no such teaching in the Bible. From a Biblical perspective, all people are equal in value before God despite the fact that we are all different with varying gifts and talents, and may have different complementary roles. 

The information IBLP has about those who participate in IBLP programs is limited and IBLP does not comment on the personal lives of its program participants.

Regarding IBLP’s 990s, they are open to the public as soon as the IRS makes them available.

IBLP’s income is from donations, conference fees, and from the occasional sale of unused capital assets such as real estate (other revenue). Program and conference fees are less than in the days of the large crowds who attended Basic Seminars around the country. IBLP has now made that teaching available for free online. IBLP’s goal continues to be providing opportunities and materials to help people learn more about Christ and the life He desires us to live. The different opportunities and resources available through IBLP are more fully explained at its website IBLP no longer has extended residential programs at training centers. Its programs are now limited to several days or weeks and are mostly conducted at the Big Sandy, TX campus.

The lawsuit you mention was voluntarily dismissed by the plaintiffs during the discovery stage, specifically during the period when evidence was being exchanged between the parties. Because of a protective and confidentiality order, IBLP cannot comment on the identity of the unnamed plaintiffs and has no comment with respect to the claims alleged.

Social media and the internet (for which there is little or no accountability or in-person interaction) does not seem to be in harmony with the teachings Jesus gave for resolving offenses. Described in the procedures found in Matthew 18:15–17, we believe it is best for people to personally communicate their grievances directly so that resolution can be sought in a Christian way.

If someone disagrees with the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, that is their decision. But those who do believe in Jesus as Savior are also free to live according to the teachings of Jesus and to speak the truth in love.


IBLP Communications Department

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