Toccoa Family Conference

May 30, 2017

A Family Conference was held May 23-27, 2017, in the beautiful hills of Toccoa, Georgia. Families gathered from many states throughout the East Coast, some even traveling from as far away as California and Washington on the West Coast. The conference speakers included Otto Koning, Jobe Martin, Gil Bates, Peter Magnuson, and others; their messages impacted listeners and were a vital part of a memorable, life-changing week for those who attended. 

One particularly encouraging aspect of the conference was having a number of couples present who once attended as single young people. Now, with their children, these young families are gaining insights at the conference from a new perspective. The foundational truths they heard during the week will impact the future direction of their families. We praise the Lord for the young couples, as well as all the other folks, who attended the Toccoa Family Conference. 

Many young people eagerly anticipate participating in the various children’s programs. This year, special sessions were presented on Friday morning for mothers and their daughters attending COMMIT. This set-aside time was to facilitate deepening their relationships with each other. One of the messages to the ladies was about how to graciously live out a Biblical worldview as daughters of the King while the other was a thought-provoking session entitled, “Have You Been Captured by Counterfeit Beauty?”  

The mothers and COMMIT daughters were not the only ones with a special set-aside time! One of the goals of the ALERT Cadets is to turn the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers. Keeping in line with that purpose, one afternoon of the ALERT Cadet Challenge was dedicated to father and son activities, breakout discussions, and bonding time. It was encouraging to see the way the Lord used this in the lives of many sons as well as their fathers to knit their hearts together. 

One family stated: “With lots of cheerful people being real, reaching out, and connecting, the fellowship was great in Toccoa, GA! In the end though, there is nothing better than sensing God’s presence there, receiving insight through the Word presented, and coming away feeling satisfied.  We enjoyed the depth and will chew on the spiritual food we received for a long time. The speakers are in touch with the experiences we are going through and offer hope and encouragement. We expect to see change as we grow closer to the Lord and know Him better. Praying for and about every area of our lives is key! The 2017 Family Conference ‘Trust in the Lord’ has been the best event of the year!  Thank you to everyone who made it possible.”

We look forward to seeing God bless, encourage, and strengthen many more families through the upcoming Family Conferences in Sacramento, California, July 4-8, and in Green Lake, Wisconsin, September 5-9. For more information or to register, please go to You can view more photos from the Toccoa Family Conference on Facebook and Google+.

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