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Fulfilling My Five Life Roles

Relationships that matter most

3 min

Each one of us can fulfill five basic roles throughout our lives. We can also help others fulfill these roles in their lives. These life roles include being a mature person, a skilled provider, a loving marriage partner, a wise parent, and an effective proclaimer. Each of these “5 P’s” is interrelated. Certainly all five of these may not occur at one time or during the same season of life. In most lives, the Ps are experienced or developed over time through a person’s personal walk with the Lord.

1. A Mature Person: Maintaining a Close Walk with God

Each of us is a uniquely created individual, fashioned by God in our mother’s womb and destined for a special purpose in God’s Kingdom. As we grow to understand the Gospel and become a born-again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, our person is changed by the indwelling Spirit of God. Mature people delight in God and seek out His wisdom. They study His Word and obey it. Their lives are surrendered to God, and they endeavor to maintain the disciplines of memorization and meditation on Scripture, consistent prayer, moral purity, freedom from anger, a clear conscience with God and man, and submission to God-given authorities.

2. A Skilled Provider: Demonstrating Wisdom in Financial Matters

Throughout this maturing process, the Lord helps us on our life path as we train and prepare for our personal life work and calling. Each one of us must be prepared for our role as a provider in the home, workplace, or ministry. Whether single or married, skilled providers are diligent in their work and make wise financial decisions. They display the qualities of initiative and creativity in their efforts, and they apply money-saving techniques, establish purchasing disciplines, and avoid debt. They have not only learned to be good stewards, but they are also generous givers who share their resources with those who are in need.

3. A Loving Marriage Partner: Experiencing a Fulfilling Marriage

As the Lord allows us to relate to others and develop relationships, He may direct us toward marriage. Successful marriage partners learn contentment before marriage and are committed to a lifelong covenant marriage. Discovering the privilege and responsibility of the role as a partner requires sensitivity to those around us and prepares us to relate lovingly to our spouse and children. Good communication skills must be applied to preserve oneness in marriage and to keep the relationships strong and free from bitterness. Even if one does not marry, they still need to understand and work with the people that God brings into their lives, both male and female. Unmarried people have important roles to those who are married, even providing encouragement by their friendships.

4. A Wise Parent: Training Godly Sons and Daughters

Then, should God bless a marriage with children, the things we thought we once knew about raising a family are tested! We learn again, now as a parent, to ask God for His guidance as we train the children He gives us. Wise parents direct their children to seek for God, to know Him, and to walk in obedience to His ways. By example, they lead them to live with the priorities of cultivating a relationship with God, maintaining family harmony, and advancing God’s Kingdom. They invest in their children’s lives through praise and help each child discover God’s purpose for his or her life.

5. An Effective Proclaimer: Developing a Powerful Life Message

Through these other roles, the Lord grows us through all of the seasons of life—the joys and challenges, the people and experiences, the triumphs and failures—in order to build a unique life message that becomes our very own testimony to share with others. We enter the role of an experienced proclaimer, one known by his character, not only announcing the Gospel to the lost, but also declaring God’s goodness and faithfulness throughout your life. Effective proclaimers of God’s truth communicate in love. They share the message of salvation through Christ with others, understand the power of prayer, and live according to the Word of God. They are sensitive to the needs of others and alert to timely and appropriate ways to help them as they themselves have been helped by the Lord. They not only seek to make disciples for Christ, but they also help others become disciple makers as well.

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