Bonus: “The Way of Escape” with John Van Gelderen

May 30, 2022

In this riveting episode, John Van Gelderen and Gabe uncover some of Satan’s tactics in bringing temptation into our lives. To counter these attacks, they share a life changing truth God has given to overcome! You will be encouraged as you see God’s provision in Christ as “THE way of escape.”

Temptation comes in different forms – there is temptation caused by the physical realm and temptation caused by the spiritual realm. God has made a way for us to escape – and it comes as we understand our position in Christ! What does it mean that Christ is in us? And what does it mean that we are in Christ? This message is perhaps one of the most practical you will ever hear on how to “appropriate” our position in Christ!

  • Gabe Cleator, Host

    Gabe Cleator loves Jesus and desires to help others cultivate an intimate relationship with Christ as the All-Sufficient One. Gabe holds a bachelor’s degree in Biblical Ministries, is author of the book Always and in Everything, and currently serves as the director of the Home Discipleship Network under the ministry of IBLP. His passion is to see God’s people turn back to a vibrant, living Christianity that has Christ at the center and the Word as the foundation. Gabe and his wife, Sara, live in East Texas where they enjoy serving the Lord together and spending time in the great outdoors, taking fishing trips or visiting National Parks.

  • John Van Gelderen, Guest

    An evangelist and the president of Revival Focus Ministries, John Van Gelderen is the author of “Experiencing Jesus.” Growing up in a pastor’s home, he earned his B.A. and M.A. in Bible, and served as an assistant pastor for five years before entering full-time evangelism. Together with his father, John founded Revival Focus Ministries. In more than 20 countries, God has used John to aid churches in corporate repentance, prayer, and revival through messages like “Life Again,” and “A Clean Heart.” He shares, “I believe in order to really live, you must access and experience the very life of Jesus Christ.” His books include The Revived Life, The Faith Response, The Revival Journey, and Experiencing Jesus. John lives in Manchester, Michigan with his wife, Mary Lynn, and his son.

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