Finding Freedom on Independence Day

A Journey to the Heart report

July 14, 2023

At the beginning of July, twenty-five young men from as far apart in America as New Hampshire to California gathered in Big Sandy, Texas, for the Young Men’s Journey to the Heart. During this week of seeking the Lord together and individually, God worked in mighty ways. The young men sought God, spent time reading and meditating on His Word, and allowed the Lord to speak to them regarding areas in their lives that were hindering their walk with Him.

On July 4, the group viewed a powerful message on salvation. At the end of the message, one student indicated that he wanted to be saved. Having grown up in a Christian home, he knew a lot about what it meant to be saved. But he needed to actually give His life to Christ and enter into a relationship with Him. With fireworks crackling and whistling in the background, he talked with one of the Journey leaders about surrendering his life to the Lord. How wonderful that, as America was celebrating her Independence Day, this young man was now able to begin experiencing true freedom for himself! Freedom from sin, self, and satan was his as he placed his faith and trust in Jesus Christ!

Throughout the week, all of the young men were encouraged to saturate their minds and hearts in the Word of God and to say “yes” to Him as He touched on areas in their lives. The young people took this exhortation to heart and responded as God led them. Whether calling home to deal with hidden sin or personally forgiving and releasing offenders, it was exciting to see Christ empowering these young men to take these steps of obedience. During the testimony sharing time later that week, one of the participants shared about the great work God was doing in his life on the Journey; he indicated that the week was life-changing for him. Praise the Lord for His  work in the lives of these young men during this Journey to the Heart! 

One more Journey to the Heart is scheduled for this year. A young ladies’ Journey will take place in Big Sandy, Texas, July 22–29, 2023. For more information, visit

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