Leadership Training Corps (LTC) Camps

November 8, 2016

Something young ALERT Cadets starting out have to look forward to are the LTC Camps. Tent-camping, an overnight hike, bringing their own POGIE (Personally Owned Goodies I Eat), and intensive time in the Word with other cadets and fathers are all part of the Leadership Training Corps Camps.

The camps equip ALERT Cadets aged 13 and older with leadership training and specialized skills. LTC camps also encourage these trained young men to assume greater leadership responsibility in their local ALERT Cadet units and teach other cadets the skills they have learned.

There have been two LTC Camps in 2016.  One was held in Big Sandy, TX, April 23-30, and added this year was an Eastern Region LTC Camp, held in Dublin, NH, August 21-26.

At the Big Sandy camp, twenty-two sons and six fathers participated alongside the six leadership staff. “Life Lessons in Leadership from Nehemiah” was the theme and focus of our study from God’s Word. The young men and fathers learned and participated in skills such as uniform care and inspection, physical training (PT), and various hikes. One father commented at the end of the camp, “My sons and I have been changed this week. I have never sensed the presence of the Lord in such a powerful way before. We have been challenged and stretched, and it has been good.”

Another father eagerly shared, “I’ve been to three LTC Camps. Two of them were with my oldest son Zachariah, who is now 17 and will be going to the ALERT Academy in 2017, and one with my son Josiah, who is now 16 and will be going to the ALERT Academy in 2020. We all plan to attend LTC Camp 2017, adding my son Nathaniel, who plans to attend the ALERT Academy when he is 18.”

He continued, “I’ve really enjoyed the one-on-one time with my boys at the various LTC Camps over the years, growing and watching them grow through the various physical challenges, Biblical/leadership training, and skills training. My sons and I have learned to push ourselves, overcome perceived limitations, share with others, and encourage and support one another. We have learned from other amazing fathers and sons. We’ve built long lasting relationships and friendships through our experiences with ALERT.”

Other testimonies included these:

“ALERT Cadets/LTC Camps are truly a life-changing experience. I thank the Lord for the ALERT Program and the leadership He has called. These men truly have a heart for furthering God’s Kingdom.”

“I purposed to attend LTC Camp with each of my sons when they turned 13; this was my third camp. There is no substitute for spending both quality and quantity time with our children, and LTC Camp provides the opportunity for both. I was able to be fully focused and involved all week with my boys in activities that included Bible study, character development, useful skills training, and team building. We laughed, played, worked, and learned together, and came away with great memories shared as well as a keener vision for Godly manhood.”

The ALERT Cadet Program exists as a tool to assist fathers in turning their hearts to their sons and leading them into biblical manhood. “And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.” Malachi 4:6.

To participate in the Leadership Training Corps Camps you must 1) become a member by completing the membership paperwork, paying the membership fees, and ordering your uniform, and 2) be at least 13 years old. Some LTC camps do not require father participation. For more information about ALERT Cadets and/or Leadership Training Corps, please visit our website at www.alertcadet.org or call 903-636-9228.

2017 ALERT Cadet Camps:

Father Son Camp, Neches River, East TX – March 15-18
Father Son Camp, Cape Cod, MA – May 25-28
Father Son Camp, North Central, IL, KY, IN – July 5-9
LTC Camp, Southern, TX – September 17-23
LTC Camp, Waynesburg, PA – October 9-14

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