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Forging Extraordinary Young Men

What factors determine the choices you make in life? Are you living “all-out” for God’s Kingdom? The Air Land Emergency Resource Team, or ALERT, has as their mission statement: “forging extraordinary men who influence their world for Christ.” God has used ALERT as an incredible catalyst in the lives of hundreds of young men since 1994. ALERT's commitment to helping young men grow is about more than physical strength or mental readiness; this commitment is about every man’s need for a personal and growing relationship with his Savior. The ALERT staff believes that when a young man comes to the place where he fully depends on God every single day, his faith becomes contagious and often impacts the lives around him.


Basic Training is the first of three life-changing phases that ALERT offers to young men, helping them prepare for the responsibilities and challenges that come with Godly manhood. In nine weeks of intense physical, mental, and spiritual training, young men encounter the opportunity to confront the unhealthy self-focus that many struggle with. 


Building on the foundation of Basic Training, second phase—Emergency Response Training— further develops each man as an environment of discipleship cultivates greater personal responsibility, and he learns valuable response skills that are applied during humanitarian and disaster deployments and other service opportunities. After ERT, men pursue their choice of vocational-type  training to further prepare for their part in God's work. Advanced training options include EMT Basic, Public Safety Diving, Firefighting and Technical Rescue, Flight Training, Leadership and Communications, Mobile Response Team, and opportunities to serve on campus.  Discipleship continues during Advanced Training as young men are encouraged to use their skills to serve others.

Are you ready to go to the next level in your relationship with Christ? The next Basic Training begins March 23, 2018! For more information or to apply, visit

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