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The Adventures of “God’s Double Agent”

October 2, 2023

Imagine growing up in a poverty-stricken family in Communist China, having financial and political aspirations, taking part in the Tiananmen Square protest, being labeled an “instigator of unrest” by the government, then being brought to public shame that led to despair and almost committing suicide. This was the backdrop for young Bob Fu.

Upon coming to Christ, Bob Fu‘s life only became more adventurous! As told in his book God’s Double Agent, he became a teacher in the communist schools by day and a leader in the underground church after hours. After he and his wife were thrown into prison for “illegal religious activity,” God miraculously made a way for them to escape China. Fu‘s burden for his persecuted brothers in China led him to start ChinaAid — with the goal to provide assistance to oppressed people in that country. Bob Fu is one of the leading voices in the world today for persecuted faith communities in China.

Explore more about this topic in God’s Double Agent
  • Bob Fu, Guest

    Bob Fu is one of the leading voices in the world for persecuted faith communities in China. Fu was born and raised in mainland China and was a student leader during the Tiananmen Square demonstrations for freedom and democracy in 1989. Fu graduated from the School of International Relations at the People’s University in Beijing and taught English to Communist Party officials from 1993–1996. Fu was also a house church leader in Beijing until he and his wife, Heidi, were imprisoned for two months for “illegal evangelism” in 1996. Bob and Heidi fled to the United States as religious refugees in 1997 and subsequently founded ChinaAid in 2002 to bring international attention to China’s gross human rights violations and to promote religious freedom and rule of law in China. As president of ChinaAid, Fu has testified before the House Foreign Affairs Committee, the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, the Congressional-Executive Commission on China, the United Nations Commission on Human Rights (USCHR), the European Commission and European Union Parliament. Fu regularly briefs the State Department and Members of Congress on the status of religious freedom and the rule of law in China. In 2008, Fu was invited to the White House to brief President George W. Bush on religious freedom and human rights in China. He is the recipient of the 2020 William Wilberforce Award from the Colson Center for Christian Worldview. Fu’s autobiography God’s Double Agent details his conversion to Christianity, his arrest and imprisonment for starting an illegal house church, his harrowing escape, and his subsequent rise to prominence in the United States as an advocate for his oppressed brethren.

  • Gabe Cleator, Host

    Gabe Cleator loves Jesus and desires to help others cultivate an intimate relationship with Christ as the All-Sufficient One. Gabe holds a bachelor’s degree in Biblical Ministries, is author of the book Always and in Everything, and currently serves as the director of the Home Discipleship Network under the ministry of IBLP. His passion is to see God’s people turn back to a vibrant, living Christianity that has Christ at the center and the Word as the foundation. Gabe and his wife, Sara, live in East Texas where they enjoy serving the Lord together and spending time in the great outdoors, taking fishing trips or visiting National Parks.

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