ALERT Harvey Deployment Update

September 26, 2017

After Hurricane Harvey slammed into the Texas coast and stalled over Houston and Louisiana in late August, ALERT began assisting with clean-up and recovery efforts. Teams have gone to several locations in Texas, including Sour Lake, Victoria, Santa Fe, and Houston. The ALERT men have been involved in removing downed trees, hauling logs, raking yards, tarping roofs, and cleaning out damaged homes. 

Many people focus on the visible need of cleaning up after a hurricane; however, there are other needs which are far greater than what we can see. Disasters often open people’s eyes to their need for salvation and a personal relationship with God. The ALERT teams are aware of these opportunities, singing for and praying with the homeowners they assist. Many people have come to Christ as they encounter teams of Christ-like young men serving in times of physical need and taking the time to also share with them the Answer to their spiritual need.

On a recent deployment the ALERT team was reminded that it is not just homeowners that they should be ministering to—the Lord places others who need Him along the way. In this particular case, after a busy day of work, the ALERT men were returning to their lodging place when they passed a vehicle on the shoulder of the road. The men stopped and checked to see if the motorist needed help. Their interaction with the driver was brief, but the men were able to leave the driver with a Gospel tract. Moving on, the ALERT team soon happened upon another stopped vehicle. The men were with the stranded person only for a few minutes when the driver’s friend showed up to help her. Remembering that God sets up divine appointments, the ALERT men shared Christ with the driver and her friend. Both of them asked serious questions, and the men left them with a Gospel tract. The results of these Divinely-orchestrated interactions may not be seen immediately, but we can be confident that God’s Word will accomplish its purpose (Isaiah 55:11).

Please pray for all those affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. There is a long road of recovery and rebuilding ahead. The late hot summer weather and resulting mold in homes are making the work more difficult, and discouragement can easily creep in. Pray that the joy of the Lord would strengthen all those involved in recovery and rebuilding efforts.  

For more information on ALERT’s participation in Hurricane Harvey recovery and clean-up, or to support their work, visit

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